discipline handling Poetry

The Mother In You———-Parenting–3

The mother in you I surmise
at a time accepts without disguise
wills not to take any tries
accepts what comes and behave nice.

The mother in you I perceive
takes not anything under the sleeve
goes on with a staunch believe
an ideal custom that lends a relieve.

The mother in you I hope
at a later stage gives a long rope
but when the children encounter a slope
rushes to help them out to cope.

The mother in you I know
never intends your ward to a follow
inculcates principles profound in slow
a sane procedure that keeps them in a toe.

The mother in you I worship with fervour
a beautiful system you framedraising teenagers. with rigour
took it up with earnestness and valour
has placed you in a pedestal of fame and honour


The Ethics

The ethics tell
not to spite and bite
there rings a ethics_stabs bell


The Shadow

The shadow of you
comes always with you
be it in the front some times
be in the back at times.

Going by it you feel a fear
that some one is following behind
somebody closely watching you
being one of great apprehension.

Down the spine goes the shock
a drag of the happenings not right
an impression that everything is not well
sitting tightly on the mind.

The evil that one commits is like a shadow.
The devilish actions get reflected in the shadow.
The designs and trends gleam in the shadow
lending an uneasy feel proposed by the shadow.shadow