Got Stuck in The Middle

stuck-in-the-middleThe feel of disgust got me in the middle
with the affairs moving as smooth as a fiddle
there arose a hurdle that posed a block
releasing an unpleasantness that locked
the flow of the events to a halt.

Stuck up in between the frontier and dernier
knew not how to negotiate and lift the barrier
stood aghast with the thought of remorse
deliberating how to bring into force
an action that would go ahead.

Resolved to plunge into the core
organized a meet of four
who would check out the drawbacks
allegedly could bring the movement back
a restoration is to be envisaged.

The effort directed a forward move
with things falling into the groove
with that the obstacles slowly were overcome
paving the way to a successful outcome
realised a fulfillment on the way.


Win Or Fall

Win or fall
be it in fields all
has a or fall


The Results on Board.

The results cause anxiety
the medical one triggers pain and relief
the academic result brings a win or a fail
the others come under many categories
all in financial and business
that claim an asset rich or a liability striven
the election which comes periodically
seals the nation’s destiny for a duration
that of sports raises a pressure at moments results
where the fans lose their lives while hearing
all these diagnosis stay for a short period
mostly forgotten as the times pass with the days.