The Man Supersedes

Science and technology have reached heights
travelling has become easy and cheap
with people able to fly over
from arctic to antarctic
all in a day’s go.

Wrapping up all so easily by man
could he be the champion of every cause
having the medical world under control
the space ships within his limits
going by the brain in all angles.

He with pride innate and inbuilt
walks with a sense of triumph
there being nothing to outwit him
forgetting there be so many capacities
that he has to achieve still.

That being the case for him to believe
he supersedes the attributions that pin him
knowing not his acclaim be not real
humility taking the back seat
while humanity walks with head high .


The Vibrations

The vibrations they say

being positive and negative in a way

found in each place as energy

juxtaposed by forces  in synergy

that are known and unknown

keep the world  without strain.


What are vibrations? I ask

finding the answer is a task

as none knows its full context

as it lies in a region of unbelievable text

keeping people like me to wonder.



Knowing not what are vibrations till date

I sit perplexed over the energies controlling the fate

knowing well that positive and negative be found in science

they being the reflection of reality in   compliance

keeping  the scientists truly on toes.


Nature being a great teacher as I understand

as almost all its features  that  are in the a band

get expressions in science and  technology

there being no better  parallel and analogy

keeping the world in an elevated state.images (89)









The Technological Strain

The technology gets the better of you

knowing not where you are and how you are

as contacts quickly find you .


It  being a boon in terms of accessibility

where you can reach  any one at any time

with nothing much  costly.


It turns a bane in form of disturbance

getting into your privacy  in a stroke download (35)

a pest  with little reference.


The  inputs and outputs tally perfectly

with the advantages and disadvantages overlapping

crossing the reliability  all the more.
















Actions Money

The Game Of Making Money

The gallery of pictures
photographs and portraits
is a welcome change
to the computer savvy
who spends hours together
in information technology
serving a nation some
thousands of kilometers away.
burning the midnight oil
and working in shifts
abusing the mind and body
all at a time with receding hair
a small paunch and thick glasses.
Walking with a lag ,eating junk food,
and gazing at the screen, almost
a man of no life and blood
but mechanism and currency
go to form the bet with a cry
whoever strains more gets more
investing in a posh apartment
pays the loan to banks in
equated monthly instalments
finally ends up as a man
relevant of wealth but an
anachronism to the niceties
of which the world is made of.
Well ,coming to the gallery,
this man walks past along
mildly touching the paintings
and photographs with amity
and love that he has
so far missed while playing
the game of making money