Mortal’s Chief Enemy.

Security is mortal’s chief enemy.
It sounds provocative.
It is almost reactive.

Security is safety all the more.
With protection and watch in the surround
an invincibility builds all around.

The impenetrability is so intense
that the strength proposes no vulnerability
but shows a staunch reliability.quote-security-is-the-chief-enemy-of-mortals-william-shakespeare-351232
This is found in the apparent state
The overtures of safety do expose
loopholes that create an impose.

The sense of being safe and still
has a drawback very definite
with cross overs infinite.

The slight relaxation in the circuit
gives way to the open up
where riddles rush in a top up.

The extraordinary has its own defaults
where the extreme brings a trouble
that would end up in a bubble.

The confidence one begets
sometimes is beguiling
which results in a danger unforeseen.

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Mortals think they are immortal.

Rich feel they are  absolutely insulated.

Powerful assume they are invincible.

Wise observe everyone with zeal.

Thus goes the world  round and round

unaware of its impermanence.