Reading – Wisdom

A reading done  with attention

goes to give knowledge  fine

releasing a lovely shine

as the face lights  up  externally

so does the mind internally

with the gain in wisdom

man errs seldom

knowing what and when  to do

keeping away from what not to do

that being an enlightenment great

secured images (60) out  of reading in a rate.

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Innocence and Wealthy

Counting is difficult for a child,

Accounting becomes hard  for the rich,

Yet the child has to do it mild,

And the rich have to set right all sides,

The little one learns it in a testy ride,

The wealthy settle the accounts all wide,

The ascending and descending orders  collide,

The accounted and unaccounted generally divide,

The kid ,as time passes ,gets along with the tide,

The affluent ,as practice goes, succeed in the hide,

The innocence assimilate the lesson with a guide,

The imperious amass wealth without a slide.

The child acquires knowledge with the aid,

The rich hoard money also with the aid.

Study and fortune  revolve round in a lovely glide.