How Do You Shine?

The gaze at the sun

with the curiosity in the run

wanting to know what fun

it is to shine all through

without a pause and fault in true

while I coil and withdraw

when there be a flaw

complaining of tiredness great

proposing a rest in rate

that be with most of us

yet you remain without fuss

shining not with mediocre

but with high decor

over the earth in spirit

images (72)never-failing in a beat

Well, I want to know really

how you shine so lovely

all these years with energy

showing formidable synergy.





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Switch ons and Switch offs

It is a twinkle for months together,

It works for a specific time altogether,

Twinkle does it for 3 hours in the morn.

It recedes to a hole in the post morn.

Then it comes out in the afternoon.

Again  for three hours it lights up in the noon

Back it goes down in the dusk.

Remains so almost in a husk.

Appears for an hour from thence.

Quickly disappears  from shining hence.

Surfaces again for an hour-long.

Hides itself in pitch dark for little long.

Shoots up from nowhere all at once.

Will it sustain the switch offs in a sense?

What is it all about? you may wonder.

It might be Greek or Latin to you.

Well, that is what we endure everyday.

Switch ons and switch offs of electricity through the day

Make us wriggle in scorching heat

Affect the industrial output in a beat.

Lets the children study with candles lighted.

The administration  goes about with mirth elated.

Do you want to know about the place,I am talking?

It is Tamilnadu, the southern state of India, in the awakening,

Nevertheless, they say India is shining incredibly!  all the more.

I want to bring to light this failure of electricity to the world more and more