Economy subscriptions thoughts

Where are you Gold?

Where are you?

I am,

Mostly in the north.

Mostly in high altitudes,

Mostly in soaring platitudes

Mostly out of reach.



Where can I see you?

I am,

Mostly in paper,

Mostly in commodities market,

Mostly in online trading,

Mostly beyond hold.





How can I get you?

I am,

Mostly not trackable,

Mostly not reachable,

Mostly not  detectable.,

Mostly  a mirage.





Oh! oh! Oh!

I am,

Mostly the safe haven,

Mostly the secured asset,

Mostly the pride possession,

Mostly the greatest of all.

Economy subscriptions thoughts

Inflation Negative.

Inflation is not growing . It is showing negative trends. This is being propounded by all Indian Newspapers and newswires. I have my own doubts.

Today the government has announced a rise in petrol prices by 4Rs and diesel prices  by 2 Rs. This will give a jump in fares of public transport system. The common man will be affected. The trains will increase the cost of the tickets. Airlines will jack the  fare with the escaltion in fuel cost. They will  air lift the taxes.The freight despatches will become expensive. This will ultimately promote enhancement in the cost of provisions, vegetables and fruits. The manufacturing industry will be accruing heavy toll in the procurement of raw materials and outbound conveyance of finished goods. The circle is  painstakingly completed.

The price of  essential commodities like rice which was sold at 20 Rs / kilogram last year , is sold at 40 Rs  now. This price is for the uality rice. Simaltaneous hike is revealed in other food stuff also. Dhal is up by 20%. Tamarind by 50%. Sugar by 12%. coffee by 60%, Tea nearly40%. Vegetables are not left out. Tomatoes are range bound from 20 Rs -30 Rs.Potatoes remain constant. Carrot, beans, brinjal , cauliflower have shot up. Peas and capsicum are touching new highs. Onions and garlic have increased marginally.The fruits also reckon high growth in prices. Oranges and grapes are fetching high  money.Coconut is the only commodity that is facing inflation negative.

So much so . with the commodities sector ,which are raked by the rising . The precious metals shine so costly that the up rise is beyond comprehension. A gram of gold is about 1369Rs. Silver is no lesser than the yellow metal . It is about 23.90 Rs per gram..The land value is putting me in deep deliberation. A piece of land which was sold for Rs a few years  back is  1. 5 million now.  A  small time  land owner will automatically become a millionaire . What a phenomenal rise. All things make me swoon, render me dizzy. I need help both physically and financially to survive the test of times. But , I see no light.

Yet the government calls it out that there is down trend in inflation. The little economics ,I know , makes me count otherwise. How do the analysts reckon such a data? I am at a loss to understand the principles of economy. The rudiments of business never get into  my head. I feel ,there is something radically wrong in my upper chamber.God forbid!

subscriptions thoughts


The much used terms of 2008 regarding economics are compiled

meltdown, downturn, , fall, . crumble, turmoil, turbulence,gloom, despair,crash, rate cut,bleeding, blood bath and tsuanami.

All these terminologies  carry a pessimistic connotation.

2008 is a year of negative growth, defunct economy,disenchanting financial, demoralising business , destabilised employment and deduced wages .

The year of degrade and debase  is drawing to a close.


Propelling Propensity

Economics,  is dealt  threadbare by one and all,as it is proposing a terrible trespass.

The stigma of fear,of retrenchment, the collapse, the shudder ,rattles the world.

What is going to happen?

what is next?

The curiosity is not out of anxiety, but out of fear.

A delinquency  of dispassionate implication has taken the toll.

The clueless globalisation, the meaningless expansion, the unwieldy proposition has quelled the economy, diffused liquidity,retrograded the progress,and promoted bankruptcy.

The average citizen ,for no fault of his ,has become the scape goat of political atrocities,economical misgivings.

The only crime, that can be attributed to him , is casting his vote .

Sufferring is part of his life.

Endurance is the way of his life.

Keeping mute is  his life.

Expensive errors by the powerful,costly blunders by the executives, callous outlook of the top brass, have pronounced disaster, and proclaimed ignominy.

The appearance of the messiah is long waited.

A resurrection , a renaissance , more so a miracle has to propel good fortune and prosperity.