Morning Tea.

The milk man came speeding in his bike
left the milk on the gate pillar
and went off in a flight
Abruptly leaving my work then and there
opened the door in a hurry
rushed to the gate in great speed.
But before I could make it
Mrs .Monkey leaped from her tree house
stood atop the gate near the pillar.
Shouting angrily at the top of my voice
got near the gate right in time
when she picked the milk sachet monkey
and tore it with force spilling half of it
drank a little and threw the remaining into the gutter.
She walked off like a heroine of Hollywood films.
I turned back with a sense of defeat.
Well, I had to go without my morning tea.


Show Me

Distractions are many
out of all the deviations
finding fault is delightedly worst..

Faults do appear here and there
in writing and in reciting
meaning none are faultless.

Show me a writer
who misses not a spelling
or a grammatical tense

Show me a cook
who misses not adding salt
or sugar in the right proportion .

Show me a driver
who misses not a signal
or turn in his driving.

Show me an accountant
who misses not in his addition
or percentage while accounting.

Show me I cry with anger
telling the one
who found fault.

Read through and enjoy
the script or writing
and be a critic healthy.

This is what is demanded
and what is expected
do not dig the graves any more..faultless


The School Days

The age-old days in school
lends a wonder and an amaze
The time at school was great
with friends and books
Knowing not any other things
passed the days in mere glee
laughing with mirth and grace.

The periodical tests and examinations
brought fear and anxiety
but they lived short as getting a grade
was never a problem
The friends I had were cheerfully brilliant
a circle we formed in which we thrived

Exchanges of ideas went through in ease
Studying together saw through a brief
then got separated as it proved a tease
Listening in class and going through the class work
was the only work we together did
Did not burn the midnight oil or got up early
on any day to get through.

Days passed easy and light
with no demand and work tight.
Worked moderate, school daysplayed well
getting along in every year with a distinction.
Nothing to worry as there was no demand from parents
No promises to keep and no failures to meet
the days passed on acquiring wisdom.

The friends circle has gone to places long and far
having lost touch with them renders a feel sad.
Each one would have grown with the years
would be hard to recognise with greying hair
and with weightier physique and different outlook.
while having borne the yoke with care and worry
would have taken the toll of their liveliness.
The cheer would have been replaced by fear
as the age advances taking us all to the grave near.


Know Not Many

A belief runs
that lizards talk has value
Know not how?

A thought goes
that cat’s crossing is bad
Know not when?

A feeling drives
that eight is unlucky number.
Know not why?

A design says
that certain times are inauspicious
Know not what?

They are nothing
but superstitions from time long
Knowing too much!.superstitionrahukalam


The Magic Show

A little while ago
there was a show
in the senate hall.

It was a magic show
people came in a flow
with children in majority.

The show began with a band
The magician came in grand
Dressed in gleaming attire.

He did the usual magic.
Starting with a card trick
and playing with currency.

With the interest mounting
among the gathering
he came to the main.

His wife was made to lie
She was cut into two in a tie
Then was put in a box.

Waving his magical wand
and to the music of the band
he opened the box.

His wife walked out in shape
unfastening a tape
A loud applause followed.

The magic show was entertaining
to all as it was refreshing
a break from the routine.

Things unbelievable do happen
in real life too in a sharpened
spacing letting out a shock.

magic show


A Lady I know.

The lady of esteem
has a great a steam
She being dignified
and majestic in her looks
has a sharp screening eyes
and a lovely reasoning skill.
Speaks little with an understanding
Speaks truth without demanding
knowing well that truth is hard

Carrying herself elegantly
keeps t herself away from the crowd
Participating in occasions important
restraining from gathering unimportant
this being her way of life
right from the early years.

Hospitable she would be
in measured terms and outlook
not throwing extravagance
Spends she at reasonable levels
restraining from the irrational status.
This has been her schedule for long
right from her early years.

Family is prominent in her thought
Caring her husband and children
has been her stride always
She kept close to her sons in their formative age.
This has been her design for long
right from the early years,

Meantime she has lost many an opportunity
has forgotten many an interest
abandoned many a pursuit
But kept going with the family in its flow
fearing any distraction would halt the progress.
This has been her endearment for long
right from the early years

Losing herself in the milieu
she has gained a lot in the avenue
standing top of all the habitude
as a lady with a triumphant husband
and a mother with successful children
It is time for her to designate herself though late
and go about her life with her pursuits in the coming years.


Paragon Of Love.—– Haiku

Beautiful thou art
in physique and in heart
an enviable love.

Adorable thou art
in charm and in manners
an enchanting love.

Entrancing thou art
in thought and in act
paragon of love.