Daily Archives: May 6, 2013

Variance.—— haiku.

The verticallyvertical-angles-in-real-lifelike poles opposite
never get well in life
but geometrically equal.

Like poles repel
unlike poles attract is what
Science teaches us

A Prank

prank calls.The voice was familiar
with a sweet intone rather
Could not make out the tone
who it was on the other phone.
The voice continued sweetly
putting forth queries succeeding
all familiar and known practically
still could not find out for sure
it lovingly conversed true
with affectionate words
careful not to reveal even in code
the name at any cost as told
My, otherwise cruel memory grossly
failed to recollect the voice
and its related invoice
In the height of the talk
the line went over a deadly walk
Oh! till last and final moment
could not identify the caller.
Would it be a prank ?
played to make me go blank
quipped I in a crank.


Looking aghast
at the violence
in a telecast terrorism
withdrew with a sense
as the forecast
was of imminence
calling for a show cause
to a bunch of terrorists hiding
with arms and ammunition
giving time for a surrender failing
which they would be for treason
rounded off and shot.

An Apparition.

With an oval face
and curly locks in a grace
eyes in blue glowing in amaze
nose sharp in grace
and aquiline in place
chin rounded in trace
and cheeks glowing ablaze
the little girl descended in a brace
walked past me in a glaze
smiling pleasantly in a gaze
winning all hearts in a daze
with a wave of ace
beauty and cheer in base
dying to know in haste
who she was in real
went across in speed
to catch her in stead
she vanished
like an apparition
no sooner than a second.

Win Or Defeat.

Win or defeat
does not matter
as it is not
going to pamper
any one’s dreams
to a shatter

Win is a flatter
making one believe
he is greater
than all in everything
in wealth and powerful nature.

Defeat is a stature
pushing one down
into a departure
away from life
to a discomfiture

By a win
you shine gloriously
By a defeat
you forfeit demurely
making a difference. equanmity