Grace be With You

Grace be with you
called a voice
startled by the call
rushed to see
who it would be?

Seeing none out there
turned back with a fear
as none would call out so loud
crossed the door with a thought
heavy and full of despair .

There again called the voice
Grace be with you
holding the heart
that jumped out
I moved forward.

Seeing none again there
closed the door firmly
wishing not to hear once more
but the voice again rose up
with the Grace be with you.

I sat tightly on my chair
feeling that this is but a mischief
played well by my grandson
who thinks I am his playmate
wanting to make a fool out of me.



A Prank

prank calls.The voice was familiar
with a sweet intone rather
Could not make out the tone
who it was on the other phone.
The voice continued sweetly
putting forth queries succeeding
all familiar and known practically
still could not find out for sure
it lovingly conversed true
with affectionate words
careful not to reveal even in code
the name at any cost as told
My, otherwise cruel memory grossly
failed to recollect the voice
and its related invoice
In the height of the talk
the line went over a deadly walk
Oh! till last and final moment
could not identify the caller.
Would it be a prank ?
played to make me go blank
quipped I in a crank.