Marathon – Haiku

A great marathon
where the participants ran spirited
respecting the idealsMarathon


Vulnerable She Is

Vulnerable she is to tempers.
A quick hit enrages her
A sharp remark ignites her..

She throws things out
once she dislikes the way
they are brought in.

Lies straight to the face
make her jump and prowl
forcing a distance.

Acts to pretend
as good souls
cause a vehemence.

Taking off things
illegitimately and in stealth
infuriates her

Wherever she goes
she sits in a place offered
not a wee beyond she moves.

Whatever they give
she accepts with a smile
demanding nothing more.

Expecting the same
she gets disappointed
as none do likewise.

Knowing her vulnerability
the kith manipulate
forecasting a celebration
SheI remains unfolded.
She cannot fold
to pranks and truancy. vulnerable



Governance today in whichever country it may
is a fad , a farce and ignominy in play
while the governors are taken by the say
the people are overcome in a way
so the governing and the governed
get past not crossing each other in the gateway
thus the nation succumbs to the ruins in a day
calling for intrusions by other countries in hay
the intruder supporting the opponent in the bay
giving him weapons, man power and money in a tray
making the nation to crumble and suffer without being gay
while the intruder makes good in the slay
ending up in war and turmoil in a flay. invasion


Festival In Perak

chithra pournamiA festival was going on
in a small town for a week .
The gaiety and crowd merged
with one another seamlessly
releasing mirth in celebrations easily.

The point of attention lies elsewhere
so far so good about week-long festivities
but the make shift shops around the area
expose a health risk damaging the civic sensitivities
. and cause a trouble to the locals around the arena.

The revenue from the shops are remarkable
which is enough to close the eyes of the officials
The annual festival gives a rich label
of three to four hundred thousands in potential
empowering a bonanza of funds stable.

The hazard it creates goes beyond bounds
as the surroundings get contaminated
and the noise they make by playing music is a hound
quite deafening and the peace around gets terminated
making living terrible and the mind unsound.



Pulling a long face
she took a stroll around
seeing squarely. long face.


The Value Of Money

Her face was dark and sullen.
She looked sad and fallen
Her eyes were moist laden

Refrained from asking anything
I observed her keenly to the ping
unable to get the slightest tinge.

She looked up with a confirmation.
Wiping back her tears in determination
picked her hand bag with a resolution.

Took out a bundle of notes in hurry
Threw them on the opponent’s face in a flurry.
Walked away with head held high greatly happy.

Well, watching the drama in silence
I was not able to make out the inference.
Does money hold a reverence or irreverence? currency.



With a sun’s smile
and the rains frown
the day dawns

The sun picks up
the rain loses
the day advances.

The sun at top
the rain not seen
the day turns noon.

The sun retreats
the clouds gather
the evening sets in.

The sun sinks
the clouds get dark
rains come.

It is the rain’s play
lashing and falling
in down pour.

Such are the vagaries
of nature and life
unpredictable and unsworn.