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Love All

love allTennis begins with
love all ,deuce and game
advantage in the middle.

Love all says
to love everybody without discrimination
deucing an advantage.

A Craving——- Haiku.

My little child
a forerunner in meeting appointments
iA crying babys time-keeper

Every three hours
he cries with such sound
making all mad.

Louder he screams
the hungrier he seems to be
gulping the milk.

Hurriedly he drinks
getting choked in the attempt
an impatient child.

Smiles thence after
with sparkle in the eyes
looking very cute.

It is hunger
for both knowledge and food
signals a craving.

The Spark.

images (4)The spark in her
seen through the eyes
is but a glitter of her wit
a depiction of her intellect
showing her high skills
and lovely traits
that make her charismatic
in society and in the community
she lives with great pride and decor
She rises up to any occasions
giving out superior ideas
and bringing out an amicable treatise
with her genial spirit and acumen
and her qualities
both endearing and capturing
which are not just idealistic in the go
but very exciting and insinuating in pursuits
A lady of rare refinement and culture
hard to be seen in all the days
in past, present and future.


Limitations are holding the progress
keeping them in a digress
which is but very rigorous
as they come in action vigorous
if not followed strenuouslimitations,they burst out into an outrageous
creating a situation disastrous
falling into a pothole sacrilegious
dooming everything with an impetuous
mood of operations into a deliberate catastrophe.

Deep Into The Woods.

The woods are dark and deep.
They are full of fear in a heap.
The birds twitter and beep.
The animals roar and sleep.
The men tread in and leap
while the wild animals make a sweep
and make hay with their reap
penetrating into the woods by a creep
with the blood soaked preyforest_ranger_post_cards-rc94282649717407b9cb976b1b4328062_vgbaq_8byvr_512 in the tight keep
as the forest rangers go around in their jeep.

Dreams And Real.

Entering into the world of dreams
where everything is a fantasy
wandering there with no thought of the world
seeing castles and lovely gardens
with men to serve and women to stand
eating from where you are and
dining the sumptuous delicacies
would be a welcome change to anyone
but it would hold good only as a change
not as a permanent walk through
as work is the only thing
that keeps us in style.world of dreams

Dinners And Teas.

With people all around the tables
and the dish laid in a style
accompanied by a concert
where the music flowed in ecstasy
but could not be heard
in its full stature
as there was a noisy chatter
going on rolling upon
the day’s work and the gossip
stretching towards the other one
to the nether one a prolonged affair
who said this and who said that
whose face was morose
and who kept himself to a pivotal
all these ramblings get across
marring the serenity
and disturbing the spirit
for which the dinner was held
Well, this is man’s composure
and trait from ages
down to this era
where the centrifugal loses its place
and the ancillary gets atop.
Well, dinners and teas’ are part of society’s
live through and once in a way
they provide an interlude of ease
but with an overlapping of rumours
and meaningless talks and laughter
the music flowing all over falling on no ears
and the dinner endsimages (3) up with a big thanks giving
for what I really do not know.