Man As King.

The buckles loosened
as the shoes were worn out.
the socks were torn
and the feet was battered.
Walking with them
the old man thinking
himself to be a king
holding an imaginary sceptre
beaming with pride
strolled imperiously
on the pavement
with a loose shirt and
patched pants
making dramatic gestures
and turning back at intervals
as though a retinue of
courtiers came behind
with the band in the front.
singing the song
“There lives a king”

royal baand.


Thoughts On Flow.

The thoughts keep flowing on
as the waters in the river
at times stagnating
at tines flooding
at times drying up
at times flowing smoothly.
While the river ends up in the ocean
the thoughts find no end
but gets caught in corners
allowing a confinement
and a constraint.
The mind then goes
off the beat and misses the rhythm
inhaling polluted air
and exhaling a contamination
causing a suffocation
leading to a breathlessness
and a cremation by
burying the thoughts
and setting them to fire.



Eyes Are Glasses

Seeing through the eyes
reveals the innermost
that is running in mind
that you are thinking
at the moment
as eyes reveal the feelings
that the words hide.
Eyes are glasses
through them
we could watch
the intentions
in a second
paying no attention
to speech
that is most prosaic
and not profound
more of lies in them
that betray faith and trust
in full blow. eyes.


The Dog’s Day

DogsDaysofSummer-title1Liking the day to a dog
calling it dog’s day
looks so strange and apathetic
as the dog known for its faith
has got an image of disillusion
carrying with it a deride
and tease and even
extending it to a ridicule
calling the sultry
hot weather as dog’s day.
Madness creeps in fast
during this extreme weather
causing a languid inertness .
Well, if that be the reason
what about the lunacy
that ails the community
in pleasant weather and
embittering cold climate.
How would have
Aristotle or Socrates
addressed this loss of mind?