The Mother I Am

The mother in me

goes beyond any fee

see through with glasses

my sons’ trespasses

magnified they are to me alone

though very insignificant in tone

I went behind them all the way

allowed them not  to jump into any fray

being my activity when they were young  and raw

now each one being far away  from my claws

live a life of integrity with an inner strength in all

more so of my  discipline in the formative age in all

never think that I sing my praise aloud  though

I revel with satisfaction and smile with a glow.glasses









Eyes Are Glasses

Seeing through the eyes
reveals the innermost
that is running in mind
that you are thinking
at the moment
as eyes reveal the feelings
that the words hide.
Eyes are glasses
through them
we could watch
the intentions
in a second
paying no attention
to speech
that is most prosaic
and not profound
more of lies in them
that betray faith and trust
in full blow. eyes.