Dressing up fast
got into the car
raced ahead past
the signal and sped.

Going in speed
paid no attention
to the traffic
got caught for over speed.

The police
stopped the car
fined me heavy
say 100 dollars.

Cursing my fate
yet not slowing
drove fast
in irrelevant speed.

The camera
above the bridge
captured a picture
sealing me again.

Knowing now
I would be fined heavier
slowed down a little
to the prescribed limit.

But for the fine
I would have sped againspeed cameras.
toppling many on the way
finally ending up broken.

Penalties ae there
to caution the rash
if not the world
would become a trash.


Perpetuation— A Poetic Speech.

passing on of a mother’s etiquette
goes through the daughter
She who carries out her mother’s
values through her activities
behaviour and ethical transmissions
Keeping the house in order
is a technique handed gracefully
by the mother to the daughter
The discipline and decorum that which
distinguishes each one inadvertently
gets down to the daughter unobtrusively
as if like a distillation in process.
The speech and modulations might differ
but mostly tag with the mother’s
The interaction and gait are very much similar
though with a little individualistic colour.
The perpetuation gets arrested once the mother
goes without a daughter and has only sons.
Sons do maintain the order but their nest
merges with their wives idiosyncrasies
making it more inclined to his in-laws.
Many traditional upkeep have been perpetuated
through the generations by the female descendants.
So, as the saying goes the wealth goes to the sons
and the values stick to the daughters.mother and daughter.


It Is A Long Road To Freedom

it is a long road to freedom with a winding steep and high.
The line fallaciously presents the status of freedom
which we are experiencing with difficulty heaving a sigh
and these famous words haunt me and keep ringing in my ear drum,

Freedom from colonisation has been there for some time.
Freedom from the own government has been ever doubtful.
Freeing from the politicians has become a strenuous mime
as they go on in spree of bewildering the masses in full.

Liberalising the economy from the regulatory system freedom1
has not been implemented with prudential norms
making it an infringement and a backlog to the wisdom
pulling the economy to a precarious condition and out of form.

Making the people really free has not taken prominence
as the leaders are apprehensive of their security
feeling that absolute independence would grant an eminence
as the people would attain a stature causing an indignity.

Much has been penned and talked about in length
to decipher a design to promulugate a rule
wherein the people would find their real strength
and prove their mettle irrespective of being fooled.


In The Nest.

Shunning publicity
is her way of life
Shying away from light
is her trend of life.
Keeping herself to herself
is her diplomacy.
Watching in silence
is her efficiency.
Thinking out of box
is her procedure
talking less least the minimal
is her progress.
Keeping the promise
is her qualification.
Never extending ramifications
is her forte.
To many it might
look a deficiency.
To most it might
sound an anachronism.
To the rest she is
a deviant .
Yet she pulls on
in her nest.
Unaffected and unobtrusive.


Bohemian Rhapsody

I am a bohemian
turned of late
living as i like
not governed by society
not ruled by the community
not under family stress
not overcome by commitments
living as i like
dressing traditionally
as i like the most
with a big bindi on the forehead
nothing to make the face up
leaving it as it is
eating when I wish
and what i like
following my pursuit
of writing and preserving’
the values of my being
intending to pas it on
to my children and grand-children


Counting The Trains.

It was a habit
that of long
standing in the
railway station
counting the trains first
and as the day advances
counting the compartments
then later in the evening counting
counting the passengers
one by one as if taking statistics.
This man has been doing
this for years together
What for we know not?
He keeps a record of the traffic
might be helpful to generations after
or to his grandson in the years to come.


The Flowers Report

Vvioletsiolets are blue
growing in a crew
attracting few
dancing in hue
calling all new
with a design true.

Roses are red,
both in head
and in stead
with fragrance spread
all over in tread
material for thread.

Marigold is yellow
coming from a hollow
soliciting the fellow
to a grand follow
seem to bellow
really they provide a mellow.