Perpetuation— A Poetic Speech.

passing on of a mother’s etiquette
goes through the daughter
She who carries out her mother’s
values through her activities
behaviour and ethical transmissions
Keeping the house in order
is a technique handed gracefully
by the mother to the daughter
The discipline and decorum that which
distinguishes each one inadvertently
gets down to the daughter unobtrusively
as if like a distillation in process.
The speech and modulations might differ
but mostly tag with the mother’s
The interaction and gait are very much similar
though with a little individualistic colour.
The perpetuation gets arrested once the mother
goes without a daughter and has only sons.
Sons do maintain the order but their nest
merges with their wives idiosyncrasies
making it more inclined to his in-laws.
Many traditional upkeep have been perpetuated
through the generations by the female descendants.
So, as the saying goes the wealth goes to the sons
and the values stick to the daughters.mother and daughter.