Counts The shilling.

The man in question
has no twitchings
feels not ticking
expresses no feelings
‘ thinks nothing
speaks no meaning
writes no wording
but counts the shilling
while he sees the billing
and escapes the paying.

not paying,


Fabricating With Poesy.

Telling the origin is the breed
while the intellect reveals the read
The feed illustrates the richness
as the need brings out a requirement
The lead takes you to the leadership
while the speed speaks of your wit.
The creed enlightens a faith
as the seed brings about life.
The heed is in itself a listen
while the deed is an acquisition.
Thus the fabrication of style
culminates in the wings of poesy.



The legends tell us
of events scrupulous
narrating incidents
in a format prosaic
strong and sensible
honourable and sublime
impressing the readers
giving in a hand out
of the feats and bravery
of Kings and Emperors
going with reality at times
but mostly attaching itself
to a historical story
not so very veritable
but making a pleasurable
read and an inspirational
lead to the avid readers
both young and old. legend


Trying To Walk—— Haiku

Trying to walk
the child falters and falls
gets up again

Getting up again
it tries to walk and falters
falling once more.

Falling once more
it gets up and walks
falling no moLittle Baby Learning to Walkre.


Early breakfast.

dosa-650x487Breaking the fast early
say about half past seven
is refreshing and makes one lively
as the mind had a rest in an even
the food settling in easily
getting to the day’s works in time
and stay at work without any hurry
not fearing the boss for late entry
while charging the entire system anew
with timely meals at required intervals
with peaceful mind renewed by a cure
to cope with the tedium in buoyancy.