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Truth ——-Haiku.

The truth lies
everywhere and almost in everyplace
but not seen. truth

Seeing Countries

tourismSeeing countries is great
Seeing them with interest is a state
very often confused with making
short visits to the capital
and then fly back home
Capitals do not make a country.
Short visits do not illustrate well
A stay long would be expensive
but to see we need a longer stay
and thorough round-up of the country side
wherein the real faces show
without the make ups and sophistication.
The tour of the country side
is illuminating and informative
showcasing the culture and tradition
not mixed with overseas inhibition and predicaments.
The food is especially delicious
in the interior far away from the main cities
where pizza huts and Mac Donalds
have crept in and infused their taste.
The attire and the behaviour is truly
seen in the small towns and hamlets
where the diaspora of that particular country
is exhibited in a modest and moderate means
seeming pristine and beautiful pure and exciting.
Seeing countries demands an adventurous spirit
rendering an experience par excellence.