Reinventing Motion.

Rejuvenating the mind
refreshing the body
relaxing in a couch
reading a book
redefining life
rediscovering truth
reinforcing faith
recalling belief
reinstating cheer
refurbishing the old
recasting the synergy
reinstalling the energy
reuniting the divisive
resuming reinvention the hope
recovering the lost
resembling the divine
goes the world
in a reinventing motion.


Solitude And Multitude.

solitudeLiving in solitude
confined to himself all alone
became a recluse.

Living in multitude
interacting with every one
became over fused.


The Eagle And The Sparrow.

Saw a large eagle
perched high up
looking all around
with eyes burning

Well, down below
saw the sparrows
trembling with fear
squeaking incessantly.

Peeping through the window
saw a little sparrow lying half dead
with its wings flutteringeagle and sparrow.
groaning in pain.

With the heavy heart
rushed out to bring the sparrow in
The eagle overtook me
and lifted it high above.


A Lady’s Anger.

Nothing more to keep firm.
nothing else to hold intact.
So saying the lady
walked out in disdain
spilling out a displeasure
that had rocked her for years.

It is a truth that she was deprived.
Her patience has been tested.
Brooking no more of such deceit
she walked out with disdain
spilling out her displeasure.
that burnt her all these years.

Each word when recalled still pierces.
Each act when recollected still hurts.
Each move when remembered still deflects.
The lady walked out in disdain
spilling out the displeasure
that had wrecked her life all these years.

The walk of disdain would not stay calm.
The thought of anger would remain composed.
The feeling of loss would not keep long
All would bring out a tumultuous thunder
breaking the family into a pieced flounderlady.


Various Intones-Haiku

crocodile_tearsCries in vain
shedding crocodile tears in slain.
grabs the main

Eats the pie
shells out not a pie
makes a pound.

Takes a pound
as interest towards the flesh
modern Shylock home.



Let me tell you
there is a limit
to arguments in true
keeping the remits
in the bank’s glue
is but an emit
of venom in blue.
creating a demerit
leaving a clue
of an incipit
exchange of rue
causing a dissipate
of trust in truth.



Sonnet On Power.

The power makes you
a king of all world
an emperor par excellence
wealthiest man across
as power could buy
many things wholesome
wealth and wealth
strength and strength
keeping you flying in the air
and floating over water drunk with a grand
never walking on the land.

It could also mar you
making you power drunk
a power maniac
sucking the blood
of others like a parasite
making them cry and wail
instil an arrogance and
develop an authority
carrying on illegal
and illicit transactions in a row
in a round, wide and narrow