Having a lot of time
at my disposal
all these years
and had been never busy
all through my life
and wonder when
people say that
they are busy

Busy is not in my lexicon
as twenty-four full hours
are in my hand all the day
leaving ten hours for sleep
personal necessity
there is full fourteen hours
at our disposal. enabling
a performance in full bright.busy

Busy,the word
antagonises me
making excuses in its guise
hiding behind it
when not able to face
while actually the busy man
would be snoring in his bed
or else watching Tv

Well that is busy
in a way yes
keeping one occupied .
is busy to the meaning
fussing over it
while the modern gadgets
iPad and smartphones
add to the preoccupation
making ” busy” most prerogative.


Hands Up-Haiku

Hands up called
the commander of opposite army
sensing a victory.

Surrender not said
the commander of losing army
with hands down. hands up


Children Together.

Children bring fun
and let us have a run too.
A run behind them
to the mounts and lands
to the nook and corners
wherever they fly in a speed
as bees all around the world
going in person behind
going in mind unobtrusive
monitoring them from
wherever we are
until they reach a stage
when they attain a maturity
in thought and a moderation in behaviour
when they could match with the rest
getting to the top of the world
until then we have to be on the run.


Maturity And Innocence.

Up in the front
holding his hand up
the boy always
bubbling with enthusiasm
comes with ‘I’
answering each and
every question rightfully
allowing none a chance.
The little boy reads
and writes a lot
with his spectacles
coming up and down
adjusting them
he watches the TV
with a special interest
in science and technology
Mischievous he is
as to his age
playing pranks and tricks
and making his little sister cry.
He is a blend of both
assumptions of maturity
and childhood innocence
perhaps in the brink bespectacled boy.of turning into the teens.


Inimitable She Is.

To the point
not less or more
a moderation
in behaviour and
of wants going about
in a strategic move
answers only
when she knows
that too in-depth
mild in voice
but determined
in thought
gets along with all
in an easy progress
an inimitable character
even at the tender age
imagine what would
she be as she grows
into a grand lady.


Born Leader.

With friends behind
the little girl
cycles to the park
getting angry
if anyone overtook her
Her brother, warning everyone
about his sister’s temper,
cycles a step behind her
and the whole neighbourhood watches her
in awe and gets going in the fun.
.Domineering she could be
at home quiet reasonable
but wanting to be the prime
with her play mates
perhaps illustrates her
inkling of becoming a leader
No. I am in the wrong
as she is seen is
a born leader


Crawling To The Fore.

Baby-with-iPad-2Little knowing
what he is doing
the six month baby
crawls a distance
sits back in a fold
applauds his feat
with a smile cheerful
looks around to find
what his sister is doing
eyeing her with an iPad
gets to her in a crawl
with a great speed
without a break
gives a blow to the gadget
lo ! breaking it into four.