A Mockery And Tease

Keeping asunder in a state
feeling delicate of late
had to take a plate
and move in a rate
in a queue who ate
the food with relish
heaping up in a finish
leaving none to have a least
making the feast
a mockery and a tease.



The Old Man’s Watch.

The house had a watch
an old man in his seventies
sat next to the gate
with a big stick
and a bigger iron rod
ready to attack with force
anyone who trespassed.

So he stood for an hour
then went round the house to monitor
came back and stood there
as before in a state ready
to charge the trespassers
all in one blow.

Standing for more than two hours
his tired legs gave way and he sank
on his stool stretching his legs.
As all things goes he felt sleepy
and before he could sit in comfort
his eyes closed firmly shunning the world.

A quarter of an hour later
the lady of the house came out
seeing the watch in deep slumber
opened her mouth to shout in anger
but his drooping figure with the stick
and rod in hand made her sad .

The next day she called the old man
who frightened to face the lady came trembling.
She looking kindly at him said with sympathy
that he could retire and be at home.
Reading his mind the lady said
his salary would be taken care off.
old watchman


Start And end.

Rains come fast
Thunders with a blast
lightning with a cast
all come without a past
creating a toss
bringing about a farce
making men cross
and their actions harsh
well, where did i start?
Where am I now?
I have got away from the track
going into the crack
Oh! am I deviating from the path
making me a target of wrath.
No! i should step away
as I am getting in and out.
without any substance.

start and end.