Daily Archives: May 19, 2013


On the equator IRubberPalm Oil Plantation-745403 lie
Yes, right on the equator
and I burn like fire always
roasting everything
and scorching everyone.
Rains do come in the evenings
with thunder and lightning
They rain like heaven and hell
drying the land the minute they stop.
The rivers flow in full brimming to the top.
There is greenery all over.
Oil palm has replaced rubber in a switch over
But still there is rubber trees to an extent lower
filling the country’s exchequer with a large turnover
The economy thrives and prospers
as the rains give an impetus
to the cash crops blossoming and blooming.
I look green whichever side you see
with gigantic trees and flowers found all over in a spree
I am small lying on the equator a divide of the world.
But as all things small are beautiful
I am beautiful and stately.
Know Who I am ?
I am Malaysia in the far east.

The Man Unknown.

Words of appreciation
from one unknown
from one unseen
keeps me going.
The words are not ordinary
they are extraordinary
with a goading
sometimes with a pat
other times with an applause
most times with a gentle smile
which hold me inappreciation trophy my writing
if not for those kind words
I would have fumbled
and would have wrapped up long back
Well ,the man I refer knows who it is
Let him keep it within himself
and let him continue his encouragements
that would take me to great heights
I wish him well in all his endeavours.

Put Them In Their Place.

Crossing over the hurdles with difficulty
on by one in a term slow
meeting one after another
confronting each day new
from the external forces
more so from the internal resources
with the years advancing
still the struggle is not over
with bits and pieces strewn all over
lost many a fortune in the blow over
caught hold of few treasure in the fall over
which are eye sores to the near and dear
aiming to grab it from me at any cost
I hold it to the bosom firmly
withstanding the undue pressure
and legal casse with stoicism
not for me and not for me at all’
but to be passed over to my progeny intact
Meantime I would go limping ahead
with health falling and eyesight failing
but still my hands would remain active
to put them in battle of wills.their place.

Archaic And Antique


archaicWith the clock running ahead of time
with few hours remaining to go
unusually got agitated at the haste
one made of packing and documenting
why such a headway in the last-minute?
why not do it in advance in leisure?
doing one by one with pleasure
why this hurry and running helter skelter?
keeps me wondering and makes me an archaic
antique figure from far away down south.

Into The Past.

It is going to be a long day
longer than the usual sunday
as having no work to do
and nothing to watch
as T.stock-footage-women-reading-on-the-couchV. programs have become a trash
and the shopping out has become not a necessity.
only books to read and read
sitting on a couch
dreaming of the past
and thinking of the present
as future is going to hold nothing spectacular
This life of care and work has come to a close
with the hey days gone into the past
It is time to consolidate and conclude
and get noiselessly into the past.