Daily Archives: May 24, 2013

Little Majesty Left

The majestic get up fades with age
yet there is a trace of it left behind
which keeps the posture intact
As we get old our outlook takes a different note
Keeping the house intact
with the children getting in as they are born
and getting out once they grow
flying out with new-found wings
Then the husband takes the prime slot
calling her out for each and every other errand
treating the equally aging wife like an errand boy.
The wife runs hither and thither looking after him
and then gets tired of the running
reclining back to a relaxation.
Now with the issues both private and business holding her
wherein she could find time to take care of herself?
In the milieu she gains weight unknowingly
and her figure gets a little drenched out
stretched most by the child births
and more also by the stress and strain she undergoes.
Looking after herself takes a back seat
and she gets ahead still trying to maintain her poise.
Dignified she still is with a difference
as she has grown bulky with flesh deposits in prime areas
and hair greying around the temples with deep lady majestic lines in her forehead
and a double chin a new status she has achieved
after years of slogging and working
which has went unnoticed and unhonoured.
Still with a discipline and decorum and what little majesty is left
she prolongs waiting for the call of eternity.

An Obsession. Costly.

Recasting the whole thing
found many pieces missing.
The important parts are not to be found
The remaining parts did not fit together
Thinking what to do
and how to find the missing ones
landed on a project
of searching for old things.
Well, that became a hobby for some time
and in course of time turned into an obsession.
With the old things in mind
this old hag went about hunting
and while in her exploring era
could find lot of treasures
still holding high value.
not minding the price
as to me they are precious
and above all priceless and hard to get.
bought most of them.
Then stopped for a while
to get time to arrange
the things in a proper set up
and also halted more so for a reason
most binding and most essential
for the accrual to replenish
then would go along the collection spree
much to the chagrin of my family.
This mania I think i got it from my ancestors
both my grandfathers being inclined to art
not only objects but also patrons ofantique music and literature.

Poesy Great.

Writing with a message
is never my cup of tea
Writing for the sake of writing
is my paramount love.
Write what comes in your mind
with a pleasant touch.
Write with a spontaneity
that gushes into your thought.
Never arrange or rehearse
as they do for stage plays
then it becomes mechanical
devoid of feelings.
It is the thought
that makes the play.
it is the words
that go to make it enjoyable..
it is the flow
that adds the charm .
it is the rhythm
that renders harmony.
Above all it is the felicity
that makes poesy greaimages (2)t.

Go With The Tide.

With a bewildering thought
he made an apprehensive start
digging into the foray
getting into the array
knowing no other avenue
got into the venue
and lost himself in the milieu
vanishing in the retinue
becoming one with a crowd
losing the identity in a shroud
as it is always easy to go with a majority
than stay back with the minority
though the minority fight for justice
which is a folly thaat would be teased
and their rising vehementally in protest
as against the destructive tests
which they had undergone and undergo
without a faltering ego.
As it looks and sounds go with the tide
is safe and secure to abide
he amalgamated himself with the winning
and in course of time would be shining.
This is what is called as real prudence.
go with a tide.

Happy Birthday My Friend.

A memorable day for you
a memorable day for your family
keeping everyone in your fold
embracing all with your loving hold Happy BirthdayTreating everyone with a professional touch
and making all happy as such.
Preserving unity with your wisdom.
leading a quiet life now seen seldom.
May this day bring you lot of cheer and happiness
that would be bestowed on you by greatness.

Mushroom Growth

Mushrooming everywhere the small plants grow.
They grew in such a density giving the area a green
The carpet like greenery was a look great
but the feel was something not great.
The thick mushrooming was a sign of distraction
a deviation from the normal progress of fauna and flora
a sign of decay and terrible trends unexpected.
The small plants were highly poisonous
and even a pinch of it would turn the danger
forecasting a serious aliment or even death.
A slight touch would surely bring about a rash
a gigantic rash that would cause a swelling
and a fever leading to hospitalization
more or less to the fatal point.
Some get back after peeping into the trap
but others less fortunate succumb to the venom.
A tragedy unfolds with an untold misery
bringing tears and sadness plants poisonouscopious.

A Popular Film

Well into the interval
the picture supposed to be interesting
was heading towards nothing
with mere songs and romantic overtures
and lewd comic interludes
that make it a third rated film
but to my dismay and horror foundthird rated
it was an enormous crowd puller
as the theatre was full and
many queuing up for the next show.
Has the taste of the people gone to the dogs?
or is it that they want to spend a three hours
away from the mundane and hectic chores.
Unable to sit any more got up and came out
and felt relieved as I inhaled a whiff of fresh air