May Morning.

May morning it is
Bright sun and warm weather May flowers
The grass is greener than usual
with lush growth and shining colour.
There is fun and gaiety all around
as the spring has set in.
The children are out in play
looking rosy and cheerful
with the mild sun enhancing
the beauty to a gracious glow.
The birds twitter and fly around
soaking in the sun light making merry.
It is all through a celebration adorable
colorful, sublime. and ravishing.



Gift Of god.

Write a poem
if you want
Write it as fast
as you can
before any one
could see
as poems are
gifts of God
to the chosen few
so no evil eye
should fall on it



The Story Of A Shepherd.

On the horse back the shepherd
goes round the green meadow
looking after his flocks and herd
circling them into pens low.

His dog comes behind him faithfully
inspecting any default whatsoever
chasing the sheep to their abode lowly
helping his master to win over.

The shepherd had grown in times merry
He is a millionaire by diversifying now
going into manufacturing products many.
all from the luxury of his meadows.

Still he goes on his horse round his pastures
Going on with his rounding off the sheep
no matter how big he has grown in feature
always the same he seems sincere and deep.


The House Divided -Haiku.

The house big
with rooms, halls and balconies
tumbles when divided. house.


A Word Of Honour.

Going round the corner
with a word to honour
met a lonely loner
who went away sooner
than expected from the corner.

I went behind him faster
tried to catch him quicker
he went ahead no sooner
away from my sight later
to a place further.

I searched for him now and then
Day in and day out all in tens
could not find him hence
abating the hunt thence
felt depressed since.
lonely corner


The Poor Getting Poorer.

I saw a child
lying in the pavement
sucking his thumbs
with unkempt hair
and gaunt eyes
sulking in the sun.
Undernourished child, Uganda1
The parents were squatting
beside the poor child
engaged in wordy duels
also looking very thin
the father disoriented
the mother bearing another child.

The child goes without nutrition
and the one to come would have to
face the same state going with nothing
Wherein lies the fault ? i deliberate.
How could such children be taken care off.?
When would the poor become comfortable?