A Woman In The Pavement.

Sleeping on the pavement the whole night
with half filled stomach and thirsty tongue
got up when the sun shone on her face.
It was broad daylight with the town picking up the day
as crossers were making most of the day
by going this way and that way
with a frenzied hurry and in a dizzy trend.

She got up fast gathering her belongings in haste
moved over to the other side of the road
sat there looking at the world with hungry eyes.
Watching she did for long and cursing her state
as none of the passers cast a look or gave her a dime
The world at large has so many thoughts and actions
and this little woman finds no place in its shelves.

Thrown out into the pavement for very long
her mother having gone years ago
she as a girl found her place out
lest her step mother would ditch her down.
On the roads the little girl grew into a lass
now turned into a woman still helpless
Are we to blame her for not finding a roof?
or are we to dislike woman on the pavement.ourselves for not giving her protection.


An Unfortunate Woman.

Braving the weather.
Sustaining the temper.
Surviving the attack.
Sailing through bad tidesliving on the pavement.
she carried on her living
with a paucity in dwelling
with a morsel to eat
having nothing to beat.
She undaunted lived all the same
along with her children to name
relying on noting good
facing the rude
lying on the pavement
waiting for a betterment
as nothing seem to reach her
she quietly lay down without a murmur.


The Poor Getting Poorer.

I saw a child
lying in the pavement
sucking his thumbs
with unkempt hair
and gaunt eyes
sulking in the sun.
Undernourished child, Uganda1
The parents were squatting
beside the poor child
engaged in wordy duels
also looking very thin
the father disoriented
the mother bearing another child.

The child goes without nutrition
and the one to come would have to
face the same state going with nothing
Wherein lies the fault ? i deliberate.
How could such children be taken care off.?
When would the poor become comfortable?