Washing The Hands Off.

The nuances of the language
keeps one astonished
Amazing is the English language
with idioms and metaphors abounding.
A single word connotes hundreds of
meanings when used in different contexts

Wash my hands off is an idiom
that keeps me wondering
and the significance of it
is really worth a mention.
The literal and metaphorical
intonations are one and the same.

Wash the hands off the dirt
with the hand wash
is a sign of cleanliness.
Wash the hands also
points out a wash off
of the responsibilities.

A further probe throws light
on the detachment that
gets on with it a moral
alert saying that the
liability does not bind him or her
in future transactions.

Locking the whole in amazement
I wash my hands with a soap
then wash my hands off
from the compulsions I hold
in measured manner relieving me
from the duites as I am getting old.



Qualify – Haiku

Reading enriches you.
Writing moulds and shapes you.
Talking degrades you.


The hand That Rocks The Cradle.

The hand that rocks the cradle
does so with a love immense
singing a lullaby to the babe
putting him to sleep sound.

The rocking gives a movement
periodical oscillation .releasing
a modulation which prompts
a sleep sound and peaceful.

The hands do this with pleasure
as the little one settles down
halting its cry and whimper
to a restful sleep in tone.

The baby grows up gradually.
hearing the mother’s song
experiencing the to and fro move
becoming a full-fledged toddler.

The toddler grows into an adult
under his mother’s watchful eyes
relating each and every turn of events
to her in a beautiful narration.

With that the mother fondles
coaxes and cajoles her son
reprimands him when times come so
to a plausible admiring young man.

The promising young man
rises up in calibre netting
a resultant triumph achieving
trophies in his endeavours.

The children get going in life
with the mother’s backing
and the hand which rocked
starts ruling the world.hand rocks


Give A Big Hand.

The big hand incidentally
turns out to be an ovationapplause
an applause of appreciation
commemorating the performance
of the artist or whoever it may be
of great quality and concern
be it in art, writing, governance
business and services
for the human and for animals.
Such being so the big hand
correlates a standing admiration
that ensues a reverberation which finally
turns out to be a celebration.
Give a big hand is a sensibility
that gets in with joy and mirth.


The Long Hand.

Hand is a theme grand
handing many concepts of brand
that give us a hand
when we need a hand
to hold and move
hand in hand.

Giving a long hand
is a wait and a patience in stand
more so an anticipation
leading us to a participation
ending up in a performance best
reaping a fruitful result.

A long hand also
represents a generosity
more or less a figurative
representation of mercy
giving feelings likely
of kindness and sympathy.

The hands, eyes ,and head in a seam
stand for qualities as if in a dream
denoting a structural theme
as these coordinating team
help us to understand in a deem
the qualities effortlessly long hand.


The Hand That Gives.

The hand that gives
is one that loves.
Giving out is great
all others demand rate.
A generous give out
expecting nothing out
is better than a pray
taking one a long way.
How many do give?
without thought and want.
Most extend help likely
with an open agenda rightly
others for a hidden call
which would be a claim tall.
It is only a very few good souls
that render aid in a whole
giving everything happily
expecting nothing at all truly.

hand that gives.


Tit For Tat.-Haiku

Tit for tat
goes he in his move
forgetting his flaws.

He makes miistakestit_for_tat
like a flow of stream
never accepting them.

By keeping quiet
he stops his family’s rise
silence destroys too.