Daily Archives: May 13, 2013

Falstaffian Humour.

The Falstaffian humour
with a kind of rascalism
and with subtle satirical reference
adds to the whimsical in general
serving as an interlude in particular.

The Falstaff of Shakespeare
being a bundle of contradiction
with a large body and
a mischievous humour
is a real enchanting character.

Such humour with a modulation
and with the overture of geniality
is rare to find in this modern world
both in literature and real life
a character with enormous vigour

With a perfect body language
he jokes making others laugh
He being a knave without malice
and a liar without deceit
also a knight without valour.

His wit is quick and sharp .
lending a non-moral humour
ridiculing the ideals of manhood
and criticising the ideas of valour.
tagging them both with irreverence .

Crafting such a person of mirth
combining happiness with humour
fitting them in a structure huge and fat
making him talk with roguish temper
is the ability of the great master Shakespeare.

Placing The ‘I’ Before Everything

The fish floating on water
calls to the bird flying in the aiir
which in turn calls to the horse
galloping on the land .

The horse carrying the man
speaks not for fear of being beaten.
it goes on a trot into the woods
the man going on and on.

Tired and exhausted the horse stands put
not able to take one step further
it reclines down near a pond
and looks at the ripples in the water.

The fish tossing over comes above
seeing the horse ‘s condition calls the bird
who gets into the pond and makes a flutter
bringing out lot of cool breeze and pushing out cool water.

The horse drank the water to its heart’s content
thanking the fish for its timely help
gets up while the man comes after a meal heavy,
climbs on the horse and rides off.

The animals and birds show feelings of love
while man selfish as he is thinks of none
but goes on with his job unperturbed
always placing the ‘I’ in front of everything.

Towards Heaven.

The Heaven they say
is a place of happiness
where everything has a fullness
with gardens, fountains and trees
all showing a mirthful glee
where the good souls enter
and have a nice time, better
relaxing and sleeping comfortably
eating sumptuous meals happily
and enjoying the days blissfully.

Knowing all these from hearsay
as the scriptures also say
that the good get into heaven
man goes on making mistakes in even
committing crimes in a succession
doing evil and speaking lies all treasons
expressing greed in actions thoroughly
cheating and murdering all-knowing fully
would not take to Heaven but to hell
where they are thrown into a melting pot in a yell.



Reading through the papers
found out nothing great either
but learnt few words shorter
having come across neither
all through my life. ever.

The words should not be in paper
as they spell out rancour.
not worthy to be pronounced rather
disallowing a readership of fervour
condemning it to ta trash in a gather

Journalism has deteriorated to a stature
wherein the language gets into meagre
politics overwhelms the diplomacy in an auger.
causing an unpleasant sensation in rigour.
anjournalism unsightly action creating a distasteful vigour,

Great And Small.

Ideas great and small
have a say in the call
making over a large reference
creating a valuable inference
working towards a progress
culminating in a transaction vigorous.

Great and small in magnitude
takes a say in the attitude
leading to an opinion of merit
finalising the task in credit.
The impressive ideas
get a resounding applause.

Being careful in giving meaning to ideas
lasting and final with a lively deduction
sets in a development grand and great
ending up with a typical gleam of rate
Inciting a sensation of achievement.
accepting the thought of accomplishment

Loving My Sons.

my-three-sons-laurie-morganInto the sunlight
cheerful and bright
with fun and frolic
enjoying the spring
the children played
in the park.
Watching them
were the parents
sitting relaxed
away from the hectic life
talking with amour
sharing their feelings
and passions
in a way
beyond the years
when they were young
nothing to pull them .
Looking at them
as they were
the same age of my sons
I felt happy and exhilarated