The Untapped Source.

The energy of any kind
works wonders great and strong
The power of man in substance
gets an impetus in abundance
from energy hidden and explicit
vitalizing it to a source of fortitude
raising it to unfathomable heights
superior signalling of deliverance.
A strength unparallel to attain
is the energy of the sun
which synchronizes into a potential
that could be stored for long
and used to illuminate and drive
best utilised as an alternate
to electrical power r proven expensive.
Energy needs a stamina inimitable
and a channel proper renewable
to get materialised and worked
into a force incredible and unbelievable.
This solar energy flows into the ozone
untapped prolonging as a wasteful resource. solar energy



Writing poems for review
has been not my view
Reviews critireviewcise
or appreciate.
Well, they are best
when there rises
a demand compelling
that of understanding the meanings
and relishing the fine tones
if these two are absent
then reviews ensemble
become fundamentally
wrong and discouraging
killing the poetic muse
and quelling the spirit
to a diabolical struggle
making the poet
die a death
most unnatural.


America Missing

French Windows.Having nothing to do in the evening
trying to get occupied started working
on the list of ornate materials in order
that go to make up a loveliness in border
of that of a building a house of dream.

to run through the floors and walls.
The Belgium glasses ,mirrors and light fittings
would look extraordinary and would prove a beating.
The large windows go close with the French
letting in lot of light and brightness in a pinch.
Teak and rose wood from Myanmar encompass
the furniture instilling a tenacity and grandeur in a pause.
The Indian brass exquisitely crafted and the granite stones
extend a unique blend of tradition and modernity in a tone,
Going through the compilation could not trace out
any American input in my list throughout.


Learning A Language.

Learning a language new
is not as easy it seems
it might look simple
but it takes long to master
conversation gets done
but writing needs skill
Understanding the nuances
of each language
takes a toll great
requiring patience
and comprehension perfect
The interaction with locales
is the essential sequence
learning words
does not do
while taking note of
the expressions
proves vital.learning Malay



With fever raging high
and the eyes going in
feeling the shiver
and pain all over
she was going about
doing her chores
none to help
none to take care
if this goes on
she might
fall dead
in no time
bequeathing Last will not
enormous wealth
but lot of will power
to her children
and grand-children.
to sustain and survive.


Melodrama —— Haiku

There it ends.
Is it a drama or real?
Neither of two.

What is it?
It is drama in life.
Called melodrama. melodrama