meet. Poety

Those I Meet

While taking a walk

saw  two men talk

I passed them with a nod

A few steps ahead

crossed  a reptile with a small head

I hopped over it  without a fall.

In a little distance

two sparrows flew very low

I deviated with caution not to hurt.

As I turned right

a cat jumped from the wall

scared for a moment I stood still

Continued my sojourn

came back to the start

saw the men in conversation.

Talk the men all along

for hours together even longer

know not what for

yet they carry on.morning walk


The Eagle And The Sparrow.

Saw a large eagle
perched high up
looking all around
with eyes burning

Well, down below
saw the sparrows
trembling with fear
squeaking incessantly.

Peeping through the window
saw a little sparrow lying half dead
with its wings flutteringeagle and sparrow.
groaning in pain.

With the heavy heart
rushed out to bring the sparrow in
The eagle overtook me
and lifted it high above.

Actions greed Poem

Stealth Cat.

A sparrow sitting on a bough
singing merrily high above
came down in a speedy flight
seeing a morsel of bread on sight
a big fluffy cat came chasing
as the little sparrow was descending
forcing the bird to a hasty retreat
as the cat wanted to have the entire treat
The morsel was in fragments small
not enough for the cat’s call
but adequate for the sparrow
Cats are known for their stealth and sly
as greed always has its way
the cat got nothing out of its try
but successfully made the little bird fly.

cat and sparrow,

Actions Beauty Inspiration motivation

The Best Motivator.

Motivation is a hot topic nowadays.
Speakers talk about it all through the day.
Cast a glance around over the meadows
you find cows loitering behind their shadows
Grazing through the grass in a nonchalant mood
they propose a let go attitude all for the good.
Take another look on the lush green grass
where a flock of sparrows are exploring the trash.
They peck and pick big and small worms in scores.
Further down the lane getting into the urban
track the crows that fly around the dust bin
diligently collecting material out with a din.
You could see many more motivational illustrations
once you view nature with the right perception.