awesome awkward Poetry

On Any Subject.

It is easy to write

what comes to the mind

could be a crow white

though  the black is the usual find

could be a peacock

with feathers all over

the cry of the crow  locks

the ears with an awkward power

the dance of the peacocks

beautiful and gorgeous

entices  all awesome_peacock_danceand knocks

both the husky cry

and the dance entices

though in a different way

one  happens when the sun rises

the other in the early morning

features that  are common  anyway

one is a wake-up call with a crowing

another an entertainment  with a dancing

a write could be possible altogether

be that of any topic rather.


The Black Crow Calls

A crow yonder

cries with a fervour

not once but many a time

with a loudness akin to a chime

at regular intervals from morning

it thinks its cry is a sing

goes on and on with a diligence

know not why it caws with such indulgence

people say it perhaps foretells an event

the arrival of guests or any other deviant

a diverse from the regular course

and a derivation out of source

pertinent to a superstition

present an appreciation

a feel could be this way

a thought out of the way.crow.

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The Crow On A Cow

The crow sat on a cow happily
as the white animal walked lazily
the bird black cawed feverishly
the cow sauntered with no aim
the crow went with it all the same
the one silent and flabby
the other noisy and skinny
a contrast visible all through
the black and white being of colour
the small and big of appearance
with an addition of other qualities
the soft alternated with loud
the nobility juxtaposed with treachery
the likely opposed to the unlikely
the enamoured compared with the endangered
both travelling together in a style
that of being one upon another in a move
Well, that be life in all aspects
might sound good or bad in all respects. Cow_and_crow_in_Siliguri


The Crow and the Kitten.

Saw a kitten in the morning
thin and bony
Noticing it running
a crow black and scary
came down flying.
The kitten stood without moving
The crow flew up.
Wmqdefaulthen the kitten started running
the crow came down
The Kitten trembled in fear
It was very clear
that the crow was about to catch
Ran through the pathway
chased the crow away
and took the kitten home.

Actions Poem

The Crow And Rice.

I keep rice to the crows
everyday before I take lunch.
This has been my practice for years.
never once I have forgotten to do so.

A few days ago felt very sick
Tired to move about lay in bed
did not prepare food myself
so no rice for the crows.

Right at half past one
the crow came to the spot
Seeing no rice to peck
started to caw with a drawl.

Tossing in my bed with high fever
could not make out the time
hearing the crow’s call
knew it was half past one.

Gathering myself with difficultycrow.
made my way to the kitchen
finding nothing than a bun
placed it on the spot.

The crow from a distance
looked at my feverish move
came towards the bun
smelt it and flew away.

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The Best Motivator.

Motivation is a hot topic nowadays.
Speakers talk about it all through the day.
Cast a glance around over the meadows
you find cows loitering behind their shadows
Grazing through the grass in a nonchalant mood
they propose a let go attitude all for the good.
Take another look on the lush green grass
where a flock of sparrows are exploring the trash.
They peck and pick big and small worms in scores.
Further down the lane getting into the urban
track the crows that fly around the dust bin
diligently collecting material out with a din.
You could see many more motivational illustrations
once you view nature with the right perception.


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A Crow

Can you call a crow beautiful?

I hear you chuckle,

Why not?I mumble.

Never will I ! you grumble.



A bird with no beauty,

Moves with lot of activity,

Harnessing a lot of sensitivity,

Over the multitudes in society,

By imposing a grand   invincibility.



Unmoved by its appearance,

Unperturbed by  other’s arrogance

The crow caws with a reference,

To the day-to-day occurrence,

Relying on its  certain deliverance.




Though its colour is black,

It get rids of all the garbage  track,

Never does it slack,

From  its duties pack,

Eliminating a  thorough attack.




It heralds the dawn,

With its calling drawn,

Dispelling a sluggish yawn,

Initiating a wakeful  yarn,

With an enthusiastic fawn.



Even an unattractive  bird dread,

Has  a  great missionary thread,

Directing to the  charitable  tread,

It may   sound an unfamiliar  shred,

But it  is truly a  courteous  theme ahead.