It Is A Long Road To Freedom

it is a long road to freedom with a winding steep and high.
The line fallaciously presents the status of freedom
which we are experiencing with difficulty heaving a sigh
and these famous words haunt me and keep ringing in my ear drum,

Freedom from colonisation has been there for some time.
Freedom from the own government has been ever doubtful.
Freeing from the politicians has become a strenuous mime
as they go on in spree of bewildering the masses in full.

Liberalising the economy from the regulatory system freedom1
has not been implemented with prudential norms
making it an infringement and a backlog to the wisdom
pulling the economy to a precarious condition and out of form.

Making the people really free has not taken prominence
as the leaders are apprehensive of their security
feeling that absolute independence would grant an eminence
as the people would attain a stature causing an indignity.

Much has been penned and talked about in length
to decipher a design to promulugate a rule
wherein the people would find their real strength
and prove their mettle irrespective of being fooled.