Acting Like A King.

Acting like a King

does not mean he is a king

keeping that in mind

the actor should  not find

a relapse and a relax on stage

but once  out of the stage

should become a real person

no matter what be the reason

failing to understand that

he is sure to  throw his hat

and has to cut a sorry figure

if not it would trigger

serious consequences  on the move

very much against any prove. acting like a king









Not So All Are Equal.

The King is coming came the announcement
All stood in attention saying “Long Live The KIng”
The Judge is coming came another one
All bowed to him obediently
The military General is coming came yet another
All saluted him stiffly.
I came next without any announcement
none took notice of me,salute
They being all men like me deigned in different robes
go with such honour
While I being a man like them in ordinary attire
go with no such paraphernalia.
Not so all men are equal in the eyes of all.


Man As King.

The buckles loosened
as the shoes were worn out.
the socks were torn
and the feet was battered.
Walking with them
the old man thinking
himself to be a king
holding an imaginary sceptre
beaming with pride
strolled imperiously
on the pavement
with a loose shirt and
patched pants
making dramatic gestures
and turning back at intervals
as though a retinue of
courtiers came behind
with the band in the front.
singing the song
“There lives a king”

royal baand.