Acting Like A King.

Acting like a King

does not mean he is a king

keeping that in mind

the actor should  not find

a relapse and a relax on stage

but once  out of the stage

should become a real person

no matter what be the reason

failing to understand that

he is sure to  throw his hat

and has to cut a sorry figure

if not it would trigger

serious consequences  on the move

very much against any prove. acting like a king








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A Poor Girl Yonder.

Tossing in the bed she lies.

Wrinkling her brows she cries.

Twisting her nose she tries.

Biting her lips she controls.


Up she gets  out of her bed.

Over her eyes look red.

Above she knocks her forehead.

High  she stumbles ahead.


In she walks along the aisle.

Into she  stutters over the trail.

Inside she breaks like a frail.

Inward she flutters as a gale.


Out she rushes out of the gate.

Outside she maintains her gait.


She attains the status of a feature.

She achieves a celebrity in structure 

She embarks as a classical  figure.

Oh! she is nothing more than a poor creature