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A Fallacy

It is a fallacy all the more

 has to be removed

 could be one of the four.


The first one being a shortcut

 the way to earn money

 abusing the normal cult.

The second being a superstition

 the myth of auspicious omens

disproportionate to the  institutions

The third one of a doctrine

 being  one of an  undue struggle

a misbehaviour of any discipline

The last  one being a rumour

 a circulation of unwanted gossip

 a similar effect of a tumour.

Let us shed all these fallacies

 take up the deeds as they confront

 not  involving into the intricacies.


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Know Not Many

A belief runs
that lizards talk has value
Know not how?

A thought goes
that cat’s crossing is bad
Know not when?

A feeling drives
that eight is unlucky number.
Know not why?

A design says
that certain times are inauspicious
Know not what?

They are nothing
but superstitions from time long
Knowing too much!.superstitionrahukalam

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An Ode To Number Eight

Numbers are for counting,

Not for crowning,

Numbers are for Maths,

Not for tax,

Numbers are for identity,

Not for entity,




Certain numbers beckon the flock

But eight sucks,

As many dread its pluck,

Because it brings bad  luck,

Oh! it is a mere superstitious  buck.



Number Eight is propitious to Chinese,

As it is in their Cantonese,

A     gorgeous  appease,

Signifying prosperity and peace,

Carrying with it wisdom and release.



What does eight propound?

It is but another sound,

That is dressed up as a hound,

Extricating a deliberate  impound,

That of a curious found.




Imagine the order without  eight,

It makes an odd bite,

Leaving a void right,

Interpreting an imbalance  straight,

Voicing a  bill incorrect.


Oh!  It is up to all of us

To consider Eight  as an octopus,

And accept it as a plus,

That  evolves a gleeful buzz,

Reaping a meritorious  crush




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Omens -Bad And Good

What a belief!

At this relief,

While you venture out,

Jumps a cat stout,

A bad omen indeed!

What a thought,

Among the lot,

As you move out

If a widow  comes about,

A  very bad omen indeed!

What a   faith

Amidst the  eighth,

As you turn around,

If  you hear a lizard’s sound,

A good omen indeed!

What a trust!,

Amongst the first,

As you proceed to file

If you see a child  smile,

A best omen indeed!

Omens still signify,

Bad does terrify

Good  does gratify,

All do testify,

Bad and Good.

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Superstition And I

I call myself a radical thinker. I jeer at people who attach importance to time, date and period. I take lightly the beliefs of our ancestors. The one , which completely made me break into laughter was the trusted belief in the evil sway of certain person’s eyes.My relative ,used to swear on me  that the evil effects  got transmitted whenever an unwanted , a jealous , individual looks at you. I just brushed aside the whole narration, as a light hearted devolution. I did conceal my suspicion , lest my relative should not feel let down.

This being so, I led a life of my own, not penetrated by superstition, not disturbed by astrology, distanced from numerology and adamantly resistive to superstition. On and off, the good hearted relative of mine gave me advice ,as to keep away from the vicinity of a person who is related to me by my martial ties. I said , “go ahead with your job,do not bother about me.I know how to keep myself intact.” My attitude did not deter him from warning me .and cautioning me when I happened to come across the evil eyes of that specific person.

A fortnight back, I was in robust health. I had to attend a function of the priest in our temple. I made myself available all the two days . The function went on with ease. I took part in all the important rituals along with my husband. The evil eyes followed me , wherever I went. I did not mind it. The next day, I could not get up from my bed, I was down with high fever. I was in a sort of delirium. My eyes were watery, my hands and body were shivering. I was totally sick. The next day, it worsened, and the discomfort and fever continued to rage high. My Physician  made two visits daily . He was perturbed about my depleted comfiture.I was tied to the bed. Incessant cough was rocking me. Nausea was crippling me. There was an irresistible turmoil in the intestine. My husband was shocked , as he had  seen me in such horrible state all through our long married life of 36 years.

Hearing my condition, the good relative of mine ,rushed to me. He stroke  my head with care, and whispered. “How many times , I have pleaded to you to keep out of those evil eyes?You never took it seriously. Now see the suffering you undergo”.

My mind is at cross roads. I recline with exhaustion. Have I to believe  my good  samartian’s thoughts.?I feel dizzy. I am drowsy. Well, slowly , I am accepting my good hearted friend’s words. There is some truth in what he says, I conclude.


The Solar Eclipse

There will be a solar eclipse on 22/July/2009.It would be visible in India and in certain South Asian countries. This is a natural phenomenon,that takes place periodically. But much importance is attached to it ,for reasons best unknown to most of us.

The astrologers are agog with this deliberation. They predict catastrophic imbalance in the South Asian countries. There would be earthquakes, Tsunami, and floods.Previous eclipses have brought with them , political turmoil, pushed in natural calamities and focused on economic Topsy turvy..

The Indian researchers attribute  a forecast to people born on particular stars. These stars are poosa and ashelesha. The eclipse  takes place  when Poosa is at the helm. This range does not augur well to the nations . Political disturbance is predicted. There will be lot of chaos and confusion. nature will run riot, causing major distractions and inflicting loss of life.

The indian traditional horoscope readers have beckoned those born on Poosa , to visit to hoary Shiva shrines, and offer prayers to ward off the evil influence of solar eclipse. If they are unable to go to ancient temples , they can complete the poojas by visiting shrines which are nearby and offer obeisance to the presiding deity.

Amused I was , when I  read all these in the newspapers. What does the eclipse signify?It does happen as every other natural event. The day rises, and draws to a close. Each day is ascribed with a star , and there are twenty seven stars according to the Indian astrology. Particular stars have a rich benediction, Few others are called as average turnovers. A handful are termed as outcasts. People born under such stars are treated as outcasts, especially when the horoscopes are matched during marriages., many splendid wed locks are averted because of these irreverent connotations attached to the stars.

Moola forewarns the death of the father in law.Ashlesha  ushers the untimely demise of the mother in law. kettai is not suitable to the eldest co born of the bridegroom. Visaka has to do some evil to the younger brother. Avittam brings in heavenly fortunes. Bharani points out to the absolute possession of properties. how dis astrologers came to a conclusion about the stars and their effects. If astrologers can be so accurate , why do they flounder in their own life. Will they not be able to foretell their future and act cautiously.?

My mind is in deep turmoil. I anticipate an eruption of a volcano ,related  to my mind. The remittance would be  of such high velocity and alarming magnitude.Hope it coincides with the Solar eclipse.

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Matching Of Horoscopes

Matching two horoscopes is an ingredient part of the Hindu marriage. There are several pointers to find out the compatibility.There are various exceptions to these pointers . The placement of planets play a pivotal role  in the matching prologue. Each pointer has a specific role and has been assigned marks. Mostly all schools of astrology assume the value as 36, and a if the compatiability gets above 20 then the wedding can take place. If it is less , then certain adjustments in the form of parihars should be done before performing the ritual.


The position of planets , indicate vital progressions. The twelve houses talk of parents, education , wealth, offsprings, health, siblings, marriage, harmony,sins of previous birth, curses, peace , rights and disturbance.The saturn in the fifth house  tells us about the evils of the previous birth and its effect. The seventh and the eigth houses should be open. This predicts a happy married life. Mars in the certain houses give ill effects or dosha. This generalised statement has so many if’s and but’s ,that confuses the clear mind.

A deep analysis of  an  astrologer ,cannot be taken to the full confidence, as when referred to another professional who gives an extremely contradictory work out. When the bride’s side is convinced , the groom’s people are doubtful of the connotations. The combination which seems to be favourable by one astrologer, becomes unholy according to another . The vie for unanimity is a common occurrence.The proposal gets dropped.The other fixtures , as status, education , brought up, intelligence, looks , and pleasantness are not considered. The likings of the bride and the bridegroom are  not taken into account. It is the astrological principles that assume a dominant role in a marriage.

In the era of progress and advancement , the pinning down to circumscribed affinities appear to be out dated. Astrology ,for that matter did not enjoy such high degree of  ascendancy,twenty to fifty years back.The families’ position, their standing in society, and their values  were the key elements that brought out the marriage. They were successful , as the individuals of the same wave length got tied up and they perfectly shouldered the yolk of marriage. The frailites and weakness were present , but did not take an overridingsymptom. The conceptualised ,idealistic , matrimony found an illuminating evolvement in the married life. The involvement , tolerance and patience were so overwhelming that the egoistic echoes got diffused in the blossoming of the family.


Two individuals got entangled, grew together with love and passion, led a life of patience and tolerance, gave birth to children , nurtured them with love and affection, tended them with care and attention, earned a reputation, made enough money for comfotable living, and sustained a wonderful lifestyle. It looked so simple, yet difficult, so humble, yet great, so modest yet graceful, so realistic yet divine .

These happened without the  matching of horoscopes. Now , this compatibility reports which predict prosperity spell disaster, which anticipate harmony provide discordance, which  ensue peace ensure struggle.