The Solar Eclipse

Scientific Superstition

There will be a solar eclipse on 22/July/2009.It would be visible in India and in certain South Asian countries. This is a natural phenomenon,that takes place periodically. But much importance is attached to it ,for reasons best unknown to most of us.

The astrologers are agog with this deliberation. They predict catastrophic imbalance in the South Asian countries. There would be earthquakes, Tsunami, and floods.Previous eclipses have brought with them , political turmoil, pushed in natural calamities and focused on economic Topsy turvy..

The Indian researchers attribute  a forecast to people born on particular stars. These stars are poosa and ashelesha. The eclipse  takes place  when Poosa is at the helm. This range does not augur well to the nations . Political disturbance is predicted. There will be lot of chaos and confusion. nature will run riot, causing major distractions and inflicting loss of life.

The indian traditional horoscope readers have beckoned those born on Poosa , to visit to hoary Shiva shrines, and offer prayers to ward off the evil influence of solar eclipse. If they are unable to go to ancient temples , they can complete the poojas by visiting shrines which are nearby and offer obeisance to the presiding deity.

Amused I was , when I  read all these in the newspapers. What does the eclipse signify?It does happen as every other natural event. The day rises, and draws to a close. Each day is ascribed with a star , and there are twenty seven stars according to the Indian astrology. Particular stars have a rich benediction, Few others are called as average turnovers. A handful are termed as outcasts. People born under such stars are treated as outcasts, especially when the horoscopes are matched during marriages., many splendid wed locks are averted because of these irreverent connotations attached to the stars.

Moola forewarns the death of the father in law.Ashlesha  ushers the untimely demise of the mother in law. kettai is not suitable to the eldest co born of the bridegroom. Visaka has to do some evil to the younger brother. Avittam brings in heavenly fortunes. Bharani points out to the absolute possession of properties. how dis astrologers came to a conclusion about the stars and their effects. If astrologers can be so accurate , why do they flounder in their own life. Will they not be able to foretell their future and act cautiously.?

My mind is in deep turmoil. I anticipate an eruption of a volcano ,related  to my mind. The remittance would be  of such high velocity and alarming magnitude.Hope it coincides with the Solar eclipse.

By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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