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A Spider’s Web

The Spider is crazy,

Spinning its web ,

In amazing speed,

In boggling entangles,

In  mazed designs,

In  selective course,

In meticulous  skill,

In lovely patterns,

In secured forms,

In  elaborate frescoes,

In  high style,

In relevant finish,

In mild  colour,

Really a cheerful spectacle.


Built with deftness,

Built with foresight.

Built with affection,

Built with knowledge,

Built with creativity,

Built with distinction,

Built with simplicity,

Built with acumen,

Built with no help,

Built with least materials,

Built with no money,

Really an enticing piece of art.


Webs are many,

Webs denote  lot,

Webs  are cobwebs,

Webs are sites,

Webs host blogs

Webs invoke interest,

Webs enforce expression,

Webs promote writing,

Webs illustrate presentation,

Webs provide resource,

Webs conduct rally

Really Spider’s web   stands out.