Safe Lucrative Investment

The economy is in spate .It is going in high speed. It is unpredictable. The fluctuations are excessive. The oscillations are vibrant.The investor is intrigued.

Can he invest in stocks?He can , provided his heart is made of sterner stuff.

Can he buy properties?He can ,provided he can withstand myocardial infraction..

Can he buy commodities ?He can,provided he can tolerate high blood pressure.

Can he keep his money in deposits?He can, provided  he can endure diabetic syndrome.

Can he keep his money at home?He can , provided  he  can live with skin problems

The economy is keeping us in a state of high risk. A small turn around receives a rousing reception. A little off track abandons faith. A petty up and trivial down sets the ball in motion. The mind quivers. The heart palpitates. The body shudders. On the whole , the danger is unpredictable-danger to the individual, as he is exposed to high risks, danger to the economy , as it is suffocated by the hue and cry.

I am at a loss to settle in for a safe lucrative investment, with little money I have.