Wagging The Tail

Wagging the tail the dog entered
sat cuddled near the chair
looked around the living area
could find none of his companions
they be his master and his wife
along with their beautiful child
all showered their love on him
the master was strict and affable
while his wife kind and caring
that of their child mischievous and playfuldog-tail-3rd-304x320
they made a team great and inspiring
a perfect home for the cannibal
which never missed a single jaunt on the course
whether it be a ride across the country
or be a walk round the park
the dog occupied the vital seat in the car
beside the kid altogether making a happy band.


The Dog

A dog limped its way

 dragging its hurt leg

none took notice of the poor one

as it went all the way limping

Where is it going to go?stared I at the dog

None to give good

and none be willing to do so

I, being afraid of dogs

could  do  no better

than offer a morsel of bread

that too from a distance .

The fear for dogs

has been in me right from young

as even now I am unable to get over it

it is only for the dogs I nurture fear

with other animals I go about easy.6a00d8341cb34753ef014e607f5dd8970c-800wi





The Dog And Me.

It being a run not for life

but out of fear great to me

that would appear insignificant to all

Wondering what would be

you sit quizzed  for a while

knotting your eyebrows tight

it might be  ridiculous to you

but to me terrible  and frightening

it is a chase that took my life out

a barking dog comes  behind  me

bow-wow, bow-wow  it shouts

I  run head over heels

seeking refuge in a house nearby

while the residents seeing me so

have a hearty laugh  at  my expense

telling that he is a most harmless one

just shoo him away dog (1) with a force

he would turn and get away

that works out easy for them

but  to me it is a task

that takes the life out

as dogs are my proven foes














The Dog Next Door.


The dog is barking all through out 
 with its throat going out 
 and our ears getting out 
 while the master has gone out 
enjoying with his family the day out  
 leaving the dog to bark all throughout.  dog



I Am Indebted.

The dog next house
keeps watching my house
when I am in
and when I am not.
Not anything terrific it looks
it being a skinny little dog
very alert and shrewd
From morn to-night
it lies near my gate
ever on the look out.
Anyone could push him out
as he is weak and bony
but still the fear of the dog
keeps them away from coming near
making my house well protected
while i live in a peace and harmony
with no modern equipmentslike alarm
but in touch with a friendly dog
who for no single penny
guards me from assailants.skinny brown dog


The Clever kittens.

The skinny kitten slept under the car.
as it felt it is the most safest place.
It slept for a while till it heard a call from afar.
Getting up lazily it peeped into the open space.
Saw one of its siblings in distress a little away.
Not knowing what to do it went to its place.

The other one was in real trouble chased by a dog.
It mewed and purred as it dashed along the pathway
The dog followed it with great focus all agog.
making the kitten die in fright in all ways
The little one did not give out his log
fearing his life would be in danger and at bay.

It stayed put in its place secure and safe,
The other one managed to climb the tree
letting the dog go round and round in daze.
The dog smelling something under the car
came dashing to the place to trace.
The little one shuddered with fear
and made a stealthy retreat beyond the car’s rear.

The dog tired could not find anything to his like
walked in to his resting place exhausted
Panting it fell asleep like the dead for long
Both the kittens now not worried ran towards their mother
who was overjoyed to see them in flesh and blood after long.
The proud mother led the kittens back home
happy to know that her kittens would survive.Kittens


The Dog And Disaster.

It was half past ten in the night
There was silence all around.
There were few light around
coming from the houses in the surround.
Most of the households have become quiet
with the few elderly burning the lamp
reading and watching programs in the T.V.
There was no more activity in the area.
In the dim darkness all things looked sullen.
As every other house got into darkness
with the inmates engaged in relaxation
the night reigned supreme with the moon shining cool.

As everything and everyone had resigned to slumber
there arose a disturbance enough to wake everyone.
It was a blast from a mine far away.
shaking the whole neighbourhood in a take off
Down came the stone rolling down in speed.
The houses lying low got hit by the boulders
The children cried in fright and pain.
The old could not pull themselves out from the horror.
The men ran here and there setting toward rehabilitation.
The women pulled out from the ruins as much as they could
Lay trapped in the ruins a poor dog who warned them earlier.images (88)


Watching It Live.

While the cultivation was in process
the farmer and his wife came to personal inspection.
The men and women were in their best moods
singing happily as they sow the seeds
Their song reflected mirth and joy
befitting the celebration of growth.
The women made peculiar sound by holding the lips together
while the men engaged in sowing responded to their women’s call
with a moderate song of love and prosperity.
As everything around reverberated with glee
there were the birds too who participated in the cultivation
by tweeting to their loved ones who came rushing
and pecked on the seeds that went astray while sowing
The farmer’s dog which was keeping vigil all along
started his choir by barking softly
and nudging his forehead against the farmer’s hand and playing
with the men who were busy in the field.
It was splendid to watch and a splendour on the go.
Those of you who are closeted in high raised apartments
glued to the T.V and ipsowing have missed out
the fastidious scenario extolling an exhilaration.


Noisy And Quiet —— Haiku

dog_barkingSaw a dog
barking at everyone on road
looked very bold.

Saw another one
sitting quiet in a corner
seemed a loner.

A stone hurled
made the first one run
the other remained.

Actions death Poem

Jeff “The Terrible”

The golden brown labarador Jeff
came as a small pup to our family
one and half decade ago in a huff.

He was friendly and unfriendly all in one
cordial with the family and rough with strangers
playing amicably now, then barking in a gruff tone.

Jeff grew tall and strong and became a terror.
The neighbourhood hailed as a “Terrible”
as its roar sent down the spine a shiver.

My children went to distant lands
leaving Jeff to us father and mother
and the three of us remained a happy band.

A few years later my husband had to move
while Jeff and I had to live in the family home
with nothing much to keep us in the groove.

As things were getting ahead in normal pace
I had to shift and join my husband
giving Jeff a lot of loneliness and lot of space.

Jeff was in the care of the servants
Unable to bear the separation
it took ill and became defiant.

We rushed back home in a hurry
Jeff was lying down with eyes closed.
Seeing us he Wagged his tail and smiled faintly.

We knew Jeff was in his death bed.
Next morn a fleet of crows sat around him
crowing hoarsely signalling the end in a trend.