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The Clever kittens.

The skinny kitten slept under the car.
as it felt it is the most safest place.
It slept for a while till it heard a call from afar.
Getting up lazily it peeped into the open space.
Saw one of its siblings in distress a little away.
Not knowing what to do it went to its place.

The other one was in real trouble chased by a dog.
It mewed and purred as it dashed along the pathway
The dog followed it with great focus all agog.
making the kitten die in fright in all ways
The little one did not give out his log
fearing his life would be in danger and at bay.

It stayed put in its place secure and safe,
The other one managed to climb the tree
letting the dog go round and round in daze.
The dog smelling something under the car
came dashing to the place to trace.
The little one shuddered with fear
and made a stealthy retreat beyond the car’s rear.

The dog tired could not find anything to his like
walked in to his resting place exhausted
Panting it fell asleep like the dead for long
Both the kittens now not worried ran towards their mother
who was overjoyed to see them in flesh and blood after long.
The proud mother led the kittens back home
happy to know that her kittens would survive.Kittens