Write I

Write I with nothing in mind

at times it is empty words

most times being empty thoughts

I write with as though I am great

Knowing well I would not be  read

that is how I spend my time

never bothered about the clock’s chimes.empty words


A Nonsense

Right in front of the eye
there was a cry
did not subdue with a try
rather rose very high
breaking the silence
exerted with diligence
showed no reverence
there was an inference
that it was a feigned one
an effort that is done
never at all for fun
but for a lively stunt
which inflicted a lot of brunt
not being done for a hunt
but being resolved by an aunt
who stood like a stone
and amended all the broken bones
with that kept the issue in tone
finally she was left all alone.nonsense


Twine And Join —— Haiku

Conjunctions and prepositions
join words into meaningful sentences
lest they break.

Meaning makes most.
Conjunctions-main_Full seamless twining goes ahead
with thrilling effects.