Random Ramblings –

Eating at times

proper and at regular intervals

brings healthy chimes.


Chimes strike great

with spontaneity and lively tunes

if rung  right.


Ringing at  hours

the clock suffers  an infractioneating at times

stopping at covers


With a stop

there emerges a fall out

that  rushes atop.



There over atop

could see a big  world

without a full stop.


The Top Position

The top position leads to an exaltation.
a degree of power and position
placing one in heights and promotion
granting a comfort and composition
By granting so much there is an expectation
calling for a responsibility and delineation
going on for a rightful execution
at the proper moment with rightful intimation.
The top slot is not an easy invitation
but a strong and typical grant of nominationtop position


Right On All Sides.

Right in front
was a man with grunt
expressing a brunt.

Right at back
was a man in black
lying on slack.

Right on side
was a man on ride
going on stride.

Right on top
was a man standing atop
posing a stop
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Right down below
was a man not shallow
nice to follow.

Actions Monkey thoughts

The Monkey Family

A monkey was hopping around,

It was playing in and around,

Jumped on the telephone line,

Lo! down fell the line.


Two others were up to hide and seek,

One  hid under the roof in meek,

The other landed crashing on the top,

L0!The roof fell in a flop. 


A little one entered the garden,

Pulled the plants in a style modern,

Out came the roots and stems,

Lo!The garden was damned.


The monkey family was into the house,

Leaving the main family to browse,

How to chase them out en mass?

Lo! the thought kept them engrossed.


Before they could disperse,

The entire household was  in reverse,

How to resume it to original?

Oh!  it would consume hours  terminal!