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Nothing Original

As one grows old
the hair turns grey
the eyes see less,
nose functions full
teeth get shaky
and the legs ache
while there is a break
as every joint cracks
and every bone squeaks
so with the colouring of the hair
and spectacles knocking your nose
and dentures lying smart in your mouth
and with stents implanted stent-implantin your heart
you pull along till you can
dragging your legs and feet
holding on with your wobbling hands
as the original has given way to the artificial

The Original Duo

The conduct of the original duo,

Likens to a differential aglow,

Pulling out from one a few months ago,

Inducting another stealthily as an alto,

Pretending to be genuine at the fro,

Eventually a planned ploy in a turbo,

It is an intended imperative although,

Similar to a conceited grab in a limbo,

Well, the attitude of the duo,

Is as original as the wind flow.


The Monkey Family

A monkey was hopping around,

It was playing in and around,

Jumped on the telephone line,

Lo! down fell the line.


Two others were up to hide and seek,

One  hid under the roof in meek,

The other landed crashing on the top,

L0!The roof fell in a flop. 


A little one entered the garden,

Pulled the plants in a style modern,

Out came the roots and stems,

Lo!The garden was damned.


The monkey family was into the house,

Leaving the main family to browse,

How to chase them out en mass?

Lo! the thought kept them engrossed.


Before they could disperse,

The entire household was  in reverse,

How to resume it to original?

Oh!  it would consume hours  terminal!