The Definition

The meaning of what you say

the professed one  in a find

the implied one in a  kind

could be a definition n a way.


The precise one be an indicative

the elaborate being a summary

the in between forms the corollary

altogether they make it imperative.


That being a strike past the goal

being a straight hit to the point

where there could be many joints

turn into a gradual flow into the bowl.


Just might be called a definition

which talks with a style

almost covers up the entire tile

a stroke  sharp not though a narration.





Actions Experience Interpretation Life Theory thoughts

The Original Duo

The conduct of the original duo,

Likens to a differential aglow,

Pulling out from one a few months ago,

Inducting another stealthily as an alto,

Pretending to be genuine at the fro,

Eventually a planned ploy in a turbo,

It is an intended imperative although,

Similar to a conceited grab in a limbo,

Well, the attitude of the duo,

Is as original as the wind flow.