The Phase of Life——Earning.

The world is so large yet small
it has large potential yet not showcased.
With these in mind having been registered firmly
and with the university degree in hand
got into the world of opportunities
seeking an appropriate opening

Hoping to clinch a great deal
and knock on a huge salary
as I had an honours in possession
went through the hunt in excitement
The interviews went on in a positive note
giving me a thought that all would work out well.

As I got into various destinations
exhibiting different challenges
I presented myself with moderation
emphasising my skills in the areas concerned.
Offers came down the line one after another
posing a situation of deciding rightOnline+article+writing+for+money1.

Deliberate did I for certain reasons
considering the promotions and perks
as well as the job culture and satisfaction
hard to find such a job in the go
but had to decide on a career all the more.

Choose did I the most fascinating one
that called for expression and writing skill
as I feel out of all credits i own
writing is the best and most suitable for my temper
Opting for the writing job got into the world of earning
and from that day it is money that speaks though not the words.



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Punctuations Of Life.

The days past bring memories nostalgic. sketch of life
Turning back is always symbolic.
The days of walk and run present a scenery
of speed and briskness resembling a reverie.
The years of learning and gaining knowledge
depict a planned lifestyle easy to acknowledge.
The period of raising a family and earning
puts forth a system that requires a lot of sharing.
The last days of retirement and solitude
proposes peace and tranquillity that melts down as attitude.