As The Age Goes.

I am going to be ten
jolly well cries my grand-daughter.

I am going to be twenty
cries  my nephew with joy.

I  would be thirty plus
beams my son with pride.

I am turning forty
tells my brother softly.

I am on my way to fifty
speaks my cousin meekly.

Well, I would be sixty soon
say I demurely .

Well as the age goes
the people grow
so do their voice  show
from high to low
with a mellow
that be the go
as years flow
taking us nearer to the grave
turning stoic and brave.


It Is Time To Go.

It is time to go said my little granddaughter.
She had come down from Sydney all the way
Having spent a few weeks with me at my home
enjoying every moment of her stay
playing with me and chatting a lot more
a closeness we have developed in the course of years
right from the day she was born.
Being the first girl in our family
all of us cherished her and extolled her.
While her presence was one of delight
her talk was full of sense and love.

Seeing her parents pack the bags
she came down the stairs running
Panting and heaving she told me that they have to go
Pushing my tears back and controlling myself with great pain
I asked her,” Dolly how do you know?”
sobbing said she that her parents are putting things in the bags.
Took her hand and held it for a while keeping them on my bosom
both broke down inconsolably not able to express
Those few moments were enough to make us understand
that we would continue the intimacy no matter where we are.