Keep Going.

Keep going  without any break

keep running nothing to stop you

it is a fly with an obvious shake

go with a bounce unmindful of the due

faster you  move success could be yours

turn not this way or the other in the course

ahead you go with a determination

well that could be a manifestation

great going all the way should be the motive

cheer and love would encircle you with a doting.



A Little Away

She stares icy cold
makes one lose his bold
she is firm and has a hold
does not in any way fold
she is meticulous
never ridiculous
very diligent in her work
nothing is done in hurried stroke
she has a reserved outlook
never she could be a crook
such be her stand in life
determined womana little away from the ordinary.


Mandela No More.

The world would remember Mandela

he being a  life-like Cinderella

who came from nowhere

saw the atrocities over there

fought for the rights  of his men ever hard

imprisoned for years together in a ward

not giving up hope or cheer

exercising his rapport with no fear,

braving the ignominy and  punishments

endured all with a smile and an adjustment

with his cause being in the forefront

strove for the uplifting of his people  not for stunt

he being  no fairy tale being like Cinderella

but made of blood and stuff  was Mandela

like the imaginary figure who crossed all metes and bounds

becoming a Princess of great charm and fame   as found

this legend emerged as a leader and a champion of the apartheid

getting  their rights and freedom with a gusto  and determination  in a deal.Nelson-Mandela1disney-cinderella-scarlett-johanson







The words he spoke were soft and sweet
not rough and impolite.
The way he spoke was softer still
not reflecting anger.
The intention with which he spoke
was the softest all over
delivering no ill will.
The sense it conveyed in the most graceful manner
was one of great deliberation
It was a determination echoed in the best way
worded in a great style with beautiful syntax
and lovely diction enough to get bowled over
and very much impressive it being
the listeners have to go by his sway
without any second thought and distraction.
n expressive eloquence. eloquence crafted with skill
and taciturn understanding.
It was grand to hear and lovely to watch
praising him aloud everyone said.
” what A Man” he is.

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They Go Past.

Listening to the wind’s manifesto,

holding on to its gusto,

sailing along with its course,

beating its trail with a force,

the ship tossed in the rough seas.


Moving ahead across the rugged road,

struggling on with a smile broad,

enduring every hurdle with patience,

trying to out-beat the competition with a reference,

she treaded the desolate path all alone.


Braving the storm with diligence

shoved past the ship with an animated presence.

Pushing aside the obstacles with a determination

she raced towards the destination.

 Hey  you ! Will they reach their goal ?