Mandela No More.

The world would remember Mandela

he being a  life-like Cinderella

who came from nowhere

saw the atrocities over there

fought for the rights  of his men ever hard

imprisoned for years together in a ward

not giving up hope or cheer

exercising his rapport with no fear,

braving the ignominy and  punishments

endured all with a smile and an adjustment

with his cause being in the forefront

strove for the uplifting of his people  not for stunt

he being  no fairy tale being like Cinderella

but made of blood and stuff  was Mandela

like the imaginary figure who crossed all metes and bounds

becoming a Princess of great charm and fame   as found

this legend emerged as a leader and a champion of the apartheid

getting  their rights and freedom with a gusto  and determination  in a deal.Nelson-Mandela1disney-cinderella-scarlett-johanson