The kavadis and Paal Kudams

The event every year

on the banks of Sungei Manik

brings a lot of cheer.


The day falls on a Pournami

known as a full moon day

in the month of chithrai ( April).


The hundred and a twenty-year-old temple maxresdefault (1)

built by the  Chettys of South India

is agog with excitement in ample.


The deity is adorned with fineries

abishekams follow  the discipline

people watch them in a reverie.


Archanas are done in fervour

the devotees throng  the sanctum

hard to keep them in a demeanour.


Much more could be seen

paal kudams and kavadis outnumber

the event takes a turn keen.


Those who carry the paal kudams

seem to walk in a trance

at times fast and times very slow.


The kavadis are so beautiful

one could see the artistic inclination

they present a sight wonderful.


One kavadi is shaped like a boat

the man who carries it

is dressed in fine silk and wears no coat.


He has a small sceptre

pierced through his cheeks

does not bother about the rupture.


Lemons are pricked on his back

they rest on  sharp tongs

bells (salangai) are tied on his ankles.


He walks majestically all around

then runs making the loudest noise

creating a sensation in the surround.


“Ha  ha” he shouts with joy

tears  well and flows copiously

turns frantic  and behaves like an impish boy.


His fast moves provoke the bells

they chime with an exciting sound

add to the frenzy in a tell.


The yearly Hindu festival

hosts three hundred shops of makeshift

a shopping  opportunity in a carnival.


The small town Teluk Intan

reverberates the echoes  all through

a fortnight of revelry all  through the century.















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