A Stitch.

Being a stitch

 much needed  at the moment
it saved from  shame.
Being a stitch
sewed at the brink of time
 rescued from disgrace.
Could be a simple stitch
 a joining of two ends
did not allow any loose ends.

The Way He Speaks.

Speaks with a knowledge

if in a subject

I would acknowledge .


Speaks with an air

if in a single  issue

it would be fair.


Speaks with pride

if in an individual matter

I would go for the ride.


Speaks not with shame

if in a simple one

I would remain tame.


Speaks he with arrogance

almost everywhere

I throw him out in irreverence.456544491









I am refurbishing

redoing all my poems

honing and polishing

what all I have written

could go through a process

where repetition  and corrections

would stretch too far

creating a  sensation of monotony

I wrote my poems as it came to my mind

most are raw straight from the heart

underwent no dressing, no arrangements

a random write in a rambling

the process has started

bear with me all through.