Tilt and A Balance.

He remains uncrowned

with  the bags full of treasure and riches

looked upon with respect by all in his town

that be one of his public life .


He remains  a broken man

with the bags full of woes and disappointments

finds himself unrelated in his own family

that be his private life.


A juxtaposition  could he bring forth?

the public and the private enter  a conflict

would he try to equate and balance both?

that could possibly turn into a disaster.




Straight as of

Straight as a ruler

she stands

all erect and stiff

not only in appearance

she is the same

in her character

straightforward in talk

bold in expression

fine in terms

charming in countenance

a straight lady

erect and tall.



Mother’s Day Calls.

Mother’s Day  calls

what a fanfare they create

hugs and kisses all profuse

gifts of kinds expensive and memorable.


I sit with amusement

had been a mother for long

no calls for me yet

means my sons do not think of me

I do not fret.


I wish  not to be thought of

I am fine and would be so

a call will not change

as the three of them talk to me

with immense love  and utmost care.


They find nothing special

being a Mother’s Day or any other.

well, that is good and beautiful

seeing them healthy and wealthy

makes me ever happy.History_History_of_Mothers_Day_SF_still_624x352